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For those new to Satanism

  1. Below is a complete set of instructions for what I would recommend as your very first ritual (or possibly as your second ritual, after a rite of blasphemy):

    Note, however, that I do not recommend performing ANY ritual, including my suggested self-initiation ritual, until after you've studied a variety of different forms of Satanism plus some other relevant background info including the basics of ritual magick, the history of religion, and psychology (especially hypnosis).

  2. See also Recommended Practices for new and prospective members of the Church of Azazel on the Church of Azazel site.

  3. Below are some other pages, in the section on Rituals, magick, and devotional practices on this Theistic Satanism site, containing information especially important to novices:

  4. For some other important information for novices, on topics other than just magick, see For new Satanists. See especially the article Avoiding harmful religious groups in the Satanist scene on the Black Goat Cabal site

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