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Hardcore Christianity is NOT dying. It's GROWING! (Alas!)

by Diane Vera

Copyright © 2003 by Diane Vera. All rights reserved.

A persistent delusion in the Satanist scene has been the idea that Christianity is dying. This notion is just plain wrong. Both hardcore Christianity and hardcore Islam have been gaining lots of converts around the world, especially in the Third World, but also here in the U.S.A. For a dose of reality, see the following Atlantic Monthly articles:

Why do so many Satanists believe that Christianity is dying? Perhaps because Anton LaVey lived in ultra-liberal San Francisco, where, perhaps, Christianity was indeed dying. But San Francisco is not the Bible Belt.

It might be true that liberal and middle-of-the-road forms of Christianity are dying. Liberal and middle-of-the-road churches have been shrinking steadily over the past several decades. But not the hardcore Christian churches. And Christianity is still, by far, the world's most popular religion.

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