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On the need for caution in meeting your fellow Satanists:
Some important warnings

by Diane Vera

Below is a copy of a message I posted to Theistic-Satanists-NYC, a Yahoo group I used to run:

To: From: Diane Vera Subject: Re: [Theistic-Satanists-NYC] satanic worship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 08:26 PM 2/15/2004 -0000, [name deleted by Diane Vera] wrote: > my phone number is [phone number deleted by Diane Vera] > ask for walter because they do not know me by my temple > name, this way i can actualy participate in rituals and > channel my blasphemouse energy to the eternal pits of > chaos and woe.. Be glad I deleted your phone number. You REALLY need to be ***A LOT*** more cautious about giving out your phone number even to individuals via private email, let alone in a public forum -- especially since you live with people who "do not know me by may temple name" -- by which I assume you mean people who you don't want knowing about your interest in Satanism. To announce your phone number IN PUBLIC, accompanied by a mention that the people you live with don't know what you're into, is tantamount to pinning a sign on yourself that says, "easy blackmail victim." And you need to be more cautious about meeting people in the Satanist scene generally. As I said to you in private email, the Satanist scene does attract some truly dangerous nuts, alas. As for me personally, in order for me to be even remotely interested in having even a phone conversation with someone, let alone an in-person meeting, let alone an invitation to my apartment (the only place where rituals could take place -- we don't have church buildings, remember), I want FIRST to see evidence of the person's intelligence -- or at least some common sense -- in the context of a series of posts to my forums. And, in order for your posts to look even remotely sensible, they had better be about something other than how impatiently eager you are to start getting involved in group rituals ASAP. Please remember that you are asking to be invited to someone's home. Therefore, too-great eagerness makes a BAD impression. By "intelligent" posts, I don't necessarily mean "knowledgeable" posts. If you don't yet know a lot, admit it and ask intelligent questions. You should also do your share of studying. For example, read my websites before you ask me a lot of questions about my beliefs. I normally like to correspond with people -- primarily via my forums, not private email -- for at least two months of fairly frequent posting before I will even consider a phone conversation, let alone an in-person meeting. In your own case, make that an absolute minimum of three months, maybe even longer, because you will need not only to make a good impression on me, but also to undo the bad impression you've already made. In the meantime, there are some rituals you can do by yourself at home, assuming that you at least have reasonable privacy in your own bedroom. See the following page: Diane Vera

For another important general warning, please see also the section on Satanic organizations in Excerpts from the original alt.satanism FAQ.

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