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Facebook pages and groups founded by Diane Vera

In the spring of 2011 I ventured onto Facebook for the first time. For a while I administered, or co-administered, a bunch of groups and pages. I had to withdraw from administering them several months later. Two other people continued administering them until late spring 2012. As the result of a major betrayal by one of those people, as well as various things I don't like about Facebook, I've decided that attempting to network with people via Facebook is much more trouble than it is worth. However, one friend of mine is still administering the groups and pages now.

  1. In the spring of 2011, I administered, or co-administered, the following Facebook groups, which are now administered by a friend of mine:
    1. For Satanists and LHPers:
    2. Not just for Satanists and LHPers, but also for anyone concerned about the recent growth of the more fanatical forms of Christianity (and Islam):
      • Watching Satan's avowed enemies - for sharing up-to-date information about anti-Satanist panic mongers and about the Christian religious right wing (or the Muslim equivalent in Muslim-majority countries).
      • Counter-Evangelism - a place to brainstorm literature to counteract the fundamentalist mindset. Also a place to share ideas on how to cope with any evangelizing Christians (or Muslims, etc.) in our lives.

    To join any of the above groups, click the "Ask to Join Group" button. Although I no longer participate, these groups are still a relatively good place for intelligent discussion about theistic Satanism and related matters.

  2. In Spring 2011 I also administered, or co-administered, the following public pages on Facebook, which are now administered by a friend of mine:
    1. For Satanists and LHPers:
    2. For people of all polytheistic and occult paths who revere the deities named in the pages' titles:

    To enable yourself to post on a public Facebook page, you must first click the "Like" button at the top. (Note that the pages you "Like" will be listed on the info page of your profile, unless you choose not to list them.)

  3. In the spring of 2011, I also co-administered a private Facebook group of Satanists/LHPers, for high quality, low-noise discussion of many different forms of Satanism/LHP. (Members of this group were selected from amongst those who participated in the public groups listed above.)
  4. I also created an even more private group for the Internet proto-congregation of the Church of Azazel. This group ceased to function at all when I stopped participating on Facebook. The Internet proto-congregation will now use a combination of (1) Meetup message boards (for public interaction) and (2) private email groups.

PLEASE NOTE:   Please do NOT send me "Friend" requests on Facebook, if you don't already know me. I have a policy of limiting my Facebook  " Friends"  list to people I already know. And I choose to get to know people via Meetup, rather than via Facebook. I have this policy for a variety of reasons, including (1) to reduce clutter in my "News Feed" and (2) to avoid getting added to groups I'm not interested in. Therefore, please do NOT send me a "Friend" request until after we've had some non-Facebook interaction. Even then, make sure you notify my via email me separately about the "Friend" request, or I probably won't even notice it.

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