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Basic Satanic Rites and Exercises
by Stephen Bleach

  1. Meditation, visualization, mind control
  2. Ritual instructions and other important teachings
  3. The Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord
  4. Other openings
  5. The Infernal Middle Pillar
  6. The Circulation of Light
  7. Temples and altars
  8. Reading list on ceremonial magick

  1. Meditation, visualization, mind control

    If you want to develop as a Magician, certain techniques of mind control are necessary to learn, as it is these techniques which open the doors within the mind..doors which give access to the power needed to project energy (for want of a better word) in things like, spell casting, charging Talismans, Invocation, evocation. In other words, altered states of consciousness are the key to Magickal powers. Very little success with Magick will be possible until the student is able to concentrate, Meditate, and visualise. All of these abilities are brought into play whenever an act of Magick is performed.

    The best time for doing these exercises is right after the Opening Rite (Banishing of the Dark Lord or other) and the Middle Pillar rites. The activated centers will assist in your undertakings, more so as they develop and the chakra's opened.

    • Relaxation and motionlessness.  first you need a straight back chair to sit on, and if you desire, a small cushion to support your back to aid comfort. Now, sitting in your chair, you place your hands palm down on your legs. (If you have a crystal, this may be placed in between your hands which rest on your lap.) Try now to just sit in this position without movement, you will become uncomfortable, there will be aches, itches, your mind will also prove to be a playground of wandering and unrelated thoughts. All this will distract you from what seems to be a simple task.

      Persistance, however, will be needed over days, weeks and months to bring your body to a stage where these symptoms disapear.

      While in this position just focus on your breath, as it goes in and goes out. Just observe the current of the breath, and try to concentrate on the breath only, ignoring other thoughts that may arise. ( relaxation can be improved by visualising the exhaling breath removing all tensions..Start with the feet, inhale while visualising your feet, and exhale as you visualise the feet relaxing ..Continue up the body..shins, thighs, stomach, chest, neck, head, until you are as relaxed as possible..). Other more complex methods may be employed by the student when success in this method is achieved ie: counting the breath and holding the breath for specific counts. Some of the better books on Hatha/ Raja Yoga are recommended for this instruction (see reading list).

    • Concentration.  When concentration on the breath can be maintained for thirty mins, without too many 'breaks' in concentration, visualize in front of you a blank screen, all thoughts that arise must be gently pushed back, while you strive to completely still the mind until a state of total quiesence is achieved.

      It is this stage, after much work, the shift from Dharana (concentration) to Dhyana (union, cosmic consciousness) is possible.

    • Sounds.  Try a Mantra: Repeat over and over again, while pushing any other thoughts gently away: "Aum" is a common one.. Satanists may use ones such as "Ave Satana." its not to importent what you use, the aim is to concentrate on the sound to the exclusion to all else.

    • Objects.  Stare at a mundane object with a fixed stare, or perhaps the flickering flame of a single candle.

    • Images.  Visualise behind your closed eyes, a triangle, square, circle, etc.. You will find how difficult it is to stop the visualised object from distorting out of shape when you do this. When you can hold the image, add dimension and colour.

    These simple, basic exercises are the key to success in Magick, not the wonderful spell that you have just found. If you cannot master the basics you will have little success with Magick, as all practice requires the ability to concentrate and visualise. It is this one pointed 'Gnosis' that is the key to projecting your will into the cosmos. As Peter J Carroll said, altered States of consciousness are the key to magickal powers.

  2. Ritual instructions and other important teachings

    Here you will find all of the instructions you will need to get started. This is very importent! The methods I teach are ones that are standard in any coven or lodge. The Satanic Bible, while essential reading for any Satanist, is not the final word on Satanism. The techniques I have given you are what was standard practice in all the lodges of the past. Thus it extends beyond the materialistc interpretation that Lavey espoused in the SB.

    Before any ritual work is approached in any real depth. Practicing the meditation and visualization exercises is essential, for without some mastery of these principles all further work whether it be Ritual work or other forms of Mental-ism and control of the Astral plane would be fruitless. A word to the wise: meditation and visualization are not options, but must be mastered if further progress upon the magickal path is to occur.

    We will now look at four principles that need to be worked on. These four principles are known as 'The Pyramid of Magick'. Although they will be looked at separately, there is a good deal of overlap as all four, when it comes to the performance of any Magick, will be brought into play simultaneously. The four principles are. Imagination, Will, Faith, and secrecy.

    1. Imagination.  It would not be to much of an exaggeration to say that all people that are drawn to the Black Arts, have the quality of an active imagination. It is the ability to conjure to the minds eye sights and images to excite and indulge the desires of the Sorcerer. It is through the ability of indulging in ones individual desires of the imagination that the Magician will look through when casting forth the desires of the Magickal will. The Magician should surround themselves with those things which stimulate this faculty, Bizarre prints, statues, books, music etc. Anything which gets the 'Dark Juices' flowing .Most traditions of Magick will give you set examples of how you should construct your personal temple. I was taught however that one should decorate their private working space according to what turns them on rather than having for example, a temple furnished according to a preset traditional format given in a book. Not to say that you cannot have representations of Deity's or the four elements etc, but rather construct your magickal working space according to what excites and turns your Magickal juices on. Bottom line here is to consciously give your imagination free reign to express itself in whatever way is pleasing to you.

    2. Will.  The lessons on Meditation and visualization will go a long way in developing a strong Magickal will, essential for the performance of effective workings. Will is the medium through which the emotions are evoked and channelled through your imagination. In your day to day life it is important to develop a strong and powerful will. Ways of doing this apart from Meditation and visualization exercises include asserting yourself in situations, where maybe before you allowed yourself to go along with something you did not agree with. Also of use is committing yourself to activity's such as the meditation and visualization exercises, without making excuses and breaking your oath to yourself in respect to your commitment to doing them. Of course do not make promises to yourself or others that you cannot keep, this will damage the strong will you are seeking to develop. A Magicians word is a Magicians word, it is not to be taken lightly. if you commit yourself to the process of developing your Magickal will you will find many opportunities in your day to day life to strengthen it.

    3. Faith.  This may seem a strange concept to many of you on the LHP, but we are not speaking here of religious faith, but rather faith in ones own Magickal abilities. Never, I repeat never, try willing anything that deep down you are convinced is not possible. To do so you risk your work failing, this will prove to be a serious blow to your faith in yourself. It is far better to progress upon the Magickal path slowly. As your powers develop you will naturally come to understand what is possible for you. For now, it is more importent to only perform workings that you have complete faith you have the ability to see manifest. It does not matter how small this may seem, it is far better to have your faith boosted by an act of Magick, than to have your faith dampened by biting of more than you can Magically chew so to speak.

    4. Secrecy.  Secrecy about one s Magickal activities is a good idea for a number of reasons, particularly for the newbie. It is not a good move to blab to all and sundry that you have an interest in Magick if all you are going to get is mockery and ridicule. A lot of people sceptical about the whole Occult thing will challenge you to prove that there is something in all this by asking you to produce a tangible Magickal effect. And of course, nothing is ever good enough for these types and all you will end up doing is again undermining your developing faith and ability in yourself. If you have friends that are open and maybe even on the same or similar path to yourself this is a different matter. The process of developing a magical persona is a long and arduous one at times but is well worth it in the long run. The principles I have outlined should be digested and then utilized on a daily basis until they become second nature. Through the imagination the will is focused and by faith, manifests the magicians desire.

    In the next few sections, you will learn some of the techniques that were give to neophytes within the tradition that I was a student of. These teachings were taught by one Stoker Black. The formats of these rites are pretty much those taught by all Western Magickal traditions; it's just that none that I am aware of used them in the way I will describe. I must make one thing clear, I have in certain places in the rituals changed some of the names of the Daemons invoked/evoked. Why? because the Spirits that were called upon were ones that were a part of the family tradition (kind of like the Loa of the voodoo trad) and I was asked never to reveal them to people outside of the Tradition, and this oath I will never break. The Daemons that were used in Black's tradition were ones that the novice was introduced to and taught about within an extended family context and were peculiar to his lineage, so it is out of respect that I do this, not fear of retribution of any kind.

  3. The Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord

    All Magickal traditions teach a 'clearing' rite of some kind. Banishing rituals are not, as some ignorantly presume, to banish "evil" spirits from the magicians temple. Rather, their purpose is to remove all extraneous 'vibrations', energies, and/or mental thought forms not consistent with the aims of the magician. You are creating, with this rite, a focal point for the powers of darkness to manifest.

    The inverse Pentagram of Earth is mentioned in this rite, I will provide links to material that contains all the forms of the Pentagram that you will ever need. More on this later.

    I will give the bare bones of the ritual first, and then I will give the 'inner' work that must be going on within the Magician to make this rite (or indeed any other rite) effective. This is where all that practice with meditation and visualization is put to use in a ritual format. Here, summed up, are the benefits of the rite:

    • A method of ridding the mind of disturbing and obsessive thoughts.
    • Expanding the energy field of the body, while freeing it of negativity.
    • Cleansing the Aura of negative spiritual and emotional vibrations.
    • Putting the Divine spark, within, in contact with the Divine Hadit {Satan}, without.

    Here now is the Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord, a revision of the Golden Dawn's "Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram" using names more congenial to Satanists:

    1. Face any preferred direction. Visualize a bright white sphere above the head and vibrate: "AZAZEL!"
    2. Bring down the beam of light to the genitals and vibrate: "BELIAL!"
    3. Up to the middle of the chest, and across to the right shoulder. vibrate: "ASMODEUS!"
    4. To left shoulder, vibrate: "ASTAROTH!"
    5. Clasp hands at the chest, visualizing a bright red reverse pentagram upon the breast (or Hexagram of Alchemy. if known) vibrate: "BAPHOMET!" (or "BAPHO-METIS!")
    6. Go to the West, draw a reverse Pentagram of earth.. (note: the reverse Pentagram of Earth is drawn at all four quarters) vibrate. "LEVIATHAN!"
    7. Go to the South, draw Pentagram and vibrate, "SAMAEL!"
    8. Go to the East draw Pentagram and vibrate, "LUCIFER!"
    9. Go to the North, draw Pentagram and vibrate, "LILITH!"
    10. Return to centre of temple, with eyes closed you visualize the Daemons you have invoked, and the elemental energy's flowing in from each quarter. Then say, "AROUND ME FLAME THE PENTAGRAMS, THE STAR OF FORCE AND FIRE, WITHIN MY BREAST THE ETERNAL ONE, THE INFINITE AND IMMORTAL STAR."
    11. Repeat steps 1-5.

    Explanations on the text:

    Step one is self explanatory. To draw the cross of light (not the Xtian cross, let that be very clear) with your two fingers (middle and forefinger extended, other two fingers clasping thumb to palm of hand), visualize a beam of light following your finger tips to the areas of the body mentioned. The Cross is visualized as extending out to infinity. not stopping at the left or right shoulder and genitals but as an infinite line in all four directions, you! are the 'star' in the middle.

    Regarding the Four Quarters (steps 6 to 9): You may change the order if you prefer. Start in the quarter that suits you best. Many Satanists start in the West. Others with a Luciferian bent may prefer to begin in the East, in which case you start with "LUCIFER!" Wherever you start, proceed anti-clockwise.

    When drawing the Pentagram of Earth, it is visualized in flaming red as you draw it before you, arm outstretched (use Dagger if you have) and then stab the centre as you vibrate the Daemon's name. Visualize the Daemons as follows:

    • Leviathan: Before you is a great dark sea, and from it rises a huge serpent which towers over you, a vast ancient intelligence shines from its eyes.

    • Samael: A tall figure in hue of darkest pitch, surrounded by tongues of fire, (He is known as Samael the Black.)

    • Lucifer: An Hermaphrodite/Angelic figure suffused with light and wisdom, the force of which flows in to the temple.

    • Lilith: A tall, aggressive looking woman, wearing a long black dress, with long dark hair and eyes of fiery red, pictured against a backdrop of rocky, mostly-barren mountainside, with only patches of green here and there.

    These visualizations are not written in stone, but are a stepping stone to facilitate communion. The Daemons will give you their own images peculiar to you in time.

    Vibration of infernal names:  Here is how to vibrate the names across the Astral planes, which summons the energies to your temple of art. When performing the cross, inhale deeply while visualizing the energy of the universe traveling through your nose, down deep into your body, through your feet deep into the centre of the Earth. When exhaling you bring it back up through your body and vibrate eg: "AAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAZEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLL!!!" while feeling the area of the body vibrating to the sound of the name. When projecting the name at the quarters, you visualize the whole area in front of you, to the ends of the universe being shaken and resonating to the sound of the names, as the power comes back (this has to be experienced to fully know what I mean here) visualize your whole body vibrating as well.

    Pentagrams:  Here are online copies of Crowley's Liber O and Liber V vel Reguli. Liber O has all the point-up versions of the Pentagram, and Liber V vel Reguli has all the point-down (inverse) Pentagrams needed for this work. Be careful and make sure you know which Pentagrams are which. The rituals that they are taken from are not in the same sequence as 'normal' elemental workings (Look and you will see what I mean.) For now, all I want you to do is be familiar with all the various form of the Pentagram. But donít let this stop you reading the rest of Crowleys notes. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    As you can see, this simple rite has a lot of inner work that must be practiced to achieve the effect this rite was created for. This is only the beginning, but there is much here to digest. It is a good practice to do your Banishing rite first, and then practice the various meditations and techniques of your choice. There is a great deal more that I must comment on, but I think you have enough to go on for now.

    So, practice this ritual until it is committed to memory, There is nothing wrong with using cheat notes while learning, but ideally you should soon reach a stage where this is not needed.

    Of course, all rituals of this sort can be altered to accommodate Deities and Daemons of ones own tradition, but you got to start somewhere, and to give all the possible variants of this ritual would create confusion, Thus, I have given the LHP version I was taught.

  4. Other openings

    In the last lesson I gave a banishing rite which fits pretty much into a Golden Dawn style approach. Just so some of you do not think that I am biased toward High Magickal Satanic rituals, here are some other examples of openings. Those of you who are more oriented to Lavey's work and Paganism may find that these may suit you better. They still require the Magician to use visualization techniques.. Even something as simple as the ringing of the bell would be pointless unless the Magician is busy visualizing the bell removing extraneous vibrations and influences.. Let it be said though, that I personally feel the 'Banishing of the Dark Lord' with all its various technique, is second to none in developing Magickal abilityies. Enough said.

    Other possible openings:

    • Simply by ringing a bell in each of the four quarters while visualizing the noise of the bell removing extraneous vibes.

    • An opening using the four Elements:

      1. Place a handful of rock salt into your chalice, cup hands over-the chalice and visualize a dim bluish light-hovering over the contents.say: "IN THE NAME OF BELIAL, LORD OF EARTH AND LEVIATHAN, LORD OF THE SEAS, I BLESS THIS WATER IN THY NAME!" Sprinkle the area widdershins three times.

      2. Likewise cup hands over the incense and visualize a dim blue light hovering it.say: "IN THE NAME OF LUCIFER, LORD OF AIR, I BLESS THIS PERFUME IN THY NAME." Cleanse the area widdershins three times.

      3. Finally cup your hands over the candle flame, visualizing the same blue light.say: "SATAN LORD OF FIRE, I BLESS THIS FLAME IN THY NAME." again move around the area widdershins three times.

  5. The Infernal Middle Pillar

    The 'Infernal Middle Pillar' is a dynamic technique of stimulating the energy centres of the body.

    This ritual has its origins with the Golden Dawn. It was felt, however, that the use of Hebrew names of power were not suitable for the Left Hand Path in all situations, so this version was devised. It has since become a favorite with Satanists that I have taught it to, and in some cases has replaced the original version altogether..for those of you unfamiliar with such rituals, it is the Western Magickal version of the eastern system of working with the subtle energy systems of the body.

    The eastern system of working with the base chakra first and raising the 'kundalini' up through the energy centres to the crown chakra is advisable only under the guidance of an experienced Yoga master in most cases, as some of the techniques can be dangerous. The reason for this is that the energy in the base chakra is raw sexual energy, which is the psycho-spiritual equivalent of nitro glycerin. If the energy passes up to quickly through the chakras, and somehow gets stuck at one of the centres, it can cause obsessions, neurosis, or emotional imbalance.If the energy manages to blast its way through all the energy centers to the crown chakra. one may indeed receive 'enlightenment' or insanity, depending on individual responses.

    The Middle Pillar ritual starts from the top (crown) and works-down through the centres and earths the energy (completes the circuit) at the feet. Since we start from the 'divine' energy sphere and draw the energy down through the centres, each one is purified and activated in a gentle and gradual way. Do not make the error of assuming that it is not potent, however. If performed correctly, it is very powerful. I had a student who was not quite himself at the time he performed this rite, and he collapsed! so another thing to be aware of is, one must be in good health when doing rites such as these, if you are uncertain of things such as heart, respiratory, and blood pressure etc, a trip to your doctor may be in order.

    The benefits of the Middle Pillar are:

    • Activating the 'divine source'(micro) within so as to begin uniting the microcosm with the macrocosm -- or Chaos, the limitless light, the All, the No-thing.

    • The throat chakra is activated, which also is visualized extending up to the third eye (the psychic awareness center). This symbolizes 'communication' with the divine, which at the same time will hopefully reveal the many false illusionary thoughts we have regarding 'reality' and begin opening our psychic senses.

    • The third centre which covers the heart and solar plexus, when activated, begins modifying and balancing the emotions and feelings.

    • The fourth centre covers the pelvic and base chakras, and, when activated, releases the psycho-sexual energy, which can be used for Magick, charging Talismans, healing, Tantric Work, Invocations, and so on.

    • The fifth centre is at the feet. When activated, it earths the energies brought down and acts as an anchor for them, thereby stabilizing body and soul.

    The Middle Pillar represents just that, the central pillar on the Kabbalisitic Tree of Life. (See reading list.)

    Here is the Infernal Middle Pillar Ritual:

    1. Perform the Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord, or other opening.

    2. Visualize a bright sphere above the head (The thousand petaled lotus is one name given to this, thus it is viewed as brilliant white light)

    3. Vibrate "SATAN!" three or four times. Then imagine a shaft of white light descending down from the sphere, through your head to the nape of the neck where it widens into a sphere of light.

    4. Vibrate "CHORONZON!" three or four times (sphere is extended up and over the third eye).Visualize the shaft of light descending to the Solar plexus area, where it expands into another sphere of light.

    5. Vibrate "LUCIFER!" Three or four times. then again see the beam descend to the genital area, where it expands into another sphere of light.

    6. Vibrate "LILITH!" Three or four times. Finally the beam descends to the feet, to the final centre, as the sphere expands see it extending over your feet and under the earth.

    7. Vibrate "BELIAL!" Three or four times.. stand for a while and 'feel' the effects on your energy system, most students find that this dynamic way of working with the energy centres brings immediate results.

    After about six months of doing this ritual, you may begin to experience unusual phenomena. This is because you have been working with and activating previously unused energy centres. You may experience small or large floating lights. You may even have the occasional manifestation of astral entities. But I must stress that these phenomena are all harmless. They are only manifestations of the fact that you have been awakening your Astral senses. In the next lesson I will be giving you techniques of moving the energy that you have been activating with this ritual.

    For those of you that are serious about cultivating magickal power a good format for daily practice would be as follows:

    1. Perform the Banishing of the Dark lord (or an opening of your choice)
    2. The Infernal Middle Pillar.
    3. Meditation and visualization exercises of your choice.

  6. The Circulation of Light

    The above rituals need to be practiced and some proficiency gained in them before this next step of 'circulating the body's energy' is attempted. It should be obvious that the ritual of the Infernal Pillar opens the chakras within the body of the Satanist, this has many uses, When some measure of expertise is reached with this ritual, you will be able to focus this energy to do many things. But for now I will simply give you some techniques which begin to move the body's energy field in various ways under the control and direction of the mind.

    The ritual of the Infernal Pillar opens the psycho-spiritual centres of the body, to allow the energies that are around us to be able to flow in and out of the body. The benefits of which are many. When one begins to activate the centres over the months, they open up- and allow the emotions and feelings that are unbalanced to become focused and still.You are then less inclined to extremes of emotion, your thoughts become more tranquil, your whole being begins to centre itself.

    The harnessing of this energy is very important to your development. It is the power needed to direct your will for things such as Invocation, evocation, spell casting ,(and general good health) also when it comes to Tantric Magick, its perfecting is indispensable. These rituals given so far are used to contact ones inner Daemon as well. so there mastery is well worth your time.

    • Exercise one:  After completing the Infernal Pillar, direct your attention to the sphere above your head. With your arms by your side, take a deep breath. Now as you slowly exhale, imagine the light descending down to your left shoulder, and then down the length of the whole side of your body. As it touches your feet, inhale, drawing the light across to the other foot, up the full length of the right side of the body and back to the sphere above the head. Repeat three times.

    • Exercise two:  Again, synchronizing the breath, move the light, but this time from the sphere in a circular motion, down out from the body, under the feet and back up to the Crown. Repeat three times.

    • Exercise three:  Synchronize your breath as in exercises one and two, draw the energy down from the sphere, over the front of the body, under the feet and up the back, back to Crown. Repeat three times.

    • Exercise four:  Visualize a shaft of light from the Crown,(inhale) draw the energy down through the body where it comes to rest at the Earth sphere filling it with light. (Exhale as you bring the energy down.)

      Now visualize the energy curling up in a spiral (inhale) to the front left leg. It continues to move in a counter clockwise spiral, wrapping you like an Egyptian Mummy in light.

      Continue up until you reach the Crown, then visualize the energy exploding like a fountain out of the Crown Chakra falling around you cleansing the body's energy field, and finally descending to the Earth centre where it fills up again.

      Repeat this three times.

  7. Temples and altars

    I have briefly touched upon this subject in the Pyramid discourse, but feel a few words on this will help the student create a space according to what is practical for the individual. Occult orders whether Pagan or ceremonial, often have very dogmatic ideas of what constitutes an appropiate working space..The Chaos Magick current has helped to overcome much of the, 'this is the correct way to do it' school of thought, that was part of the Osirian dogmatism of RHP magickal philosophy.

    All you need to perform any of the exercises in these documents is, a small area of living space which is private and removed from the company of others atthe time of working your magic. If you have your own bedroom. so much the better. If you have a house or flat and you have one unused room, good for you, you may desire to go the whole hog and turn it into a fully fledged temple.

    All the Satanist needs, apart from a small private area, is something known as an altar.. if you have a rectangular coffee table, you may perhaps use that. If you have some black material to put over the table great! All you need now is a couple of Black Candles and we are away. Incense is also a good idea. Use as good a quality one as you can afford. This would be a bare minimum example of a temple/altar.

    What the above is really saying is that the most importent thing is not waiting until you have a perfect enviroment to practice Magick, otherwise you will never get around to doing it. Of course later you can start to add things here and there, until you reach the ideal temple for you.. Lavish or moderate, its not the issue. What occurs in the space is what really matters.

    Most Magicians still use symbols for the four elements and perhaps a lamp for spirit. The Reading list has many examples of temples (Wiccan, Golden Dawn, Thelemic, Chaos) It is a good idea to read a few and see the way each group approaches this subject. And then just design your Temple how you want too. Many Satanists have a banner in one of the four quaters. The guild uses an inverse red Pentagram on a black background.

  8. Reading list on ceremonial magick

    I recommend the following books on ceremonial magick:

    • Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig (Llewellyn) (to my mind unsurpassed as a solo guide to Western Tradition)
    • Magick in Theory and Practice by Aleister Crowley (Dover). See especially:
      • Appendix V, pages 303-324
      • "Liber E-vel Exercitorem," pages 368-374
      • "Liber O," pages 375-389 - particularly Section III in which the Master Therion elucidates very simply the taking on of Godforms.
    • Liber Null and Psychonaut by Peter J. Carroll (Weiser) (Chapter 1 in particular)
    • Liber Kaos by Peter J. Carroll (Weiser)
    • Maat Magick by Nema (Weiser)
    • Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine (New Falcon)
    • Foundations of Practical Magick by I. Regardie (Aquarius)
    • The Middle Pillar by I. Regardie (Aquarius)
    • Simplified Magick by Ted Andrews (Llewellyn)
    • What Witches Do by Stewart Farrar (Llewellyn)
    • Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson (publisher unknown)

    Books on the Kabbalah:

    • The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune (Weiser)
    • Ladder of Lights by William Gray (Weiser)
    • Between Good and Evil by William Gray (Weiser)
    • Foundations of Practical Magick by I. Regardie (Aquarian)
    • A Garden of Pomegranates by I. Regardie (Llewellyn)
    • The Middle Pillar by I. Regardie (Llewellyn)
    • Simplified Magick by Ted Andrews (Llewelyn)
    • Imagick by Ted Andrews (Llewellyn) (now called More Simplified Magick)

    There are many, many others - just choose wisely.

    Yoga and related topics:

    • Energize by Elrond, Juliana and Sophia Blawyn.(Llewelyn)
    • Ecstacy through Tantra by Jon Mumford. (Llewelyn)
    • Yoga, The Iyengar Way by Silva, Myra& Shyam Meheta (Simon and Schuster)

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