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Poinsettia Quilt (Single Block) Row Count
Graph & Row Count created by: Ramona Stubblefield.

This Row Count has NOT been tested as of yet.

Yarn Color Abbreviations and Colors Used: Ramona's Graph
Ramona's graph in thumbnail
R = Red G = Green
Y = Yellow W = White

Notes from Ramona:
Make 6 squares. Join squares two across and three down with yellow. Work two rows of yellow and four rows each of green and red in your choice of border pattern stitch around entire afghan.

Graph is 44x44.


    1 - 2.  44Y
    3.   2Y, 10G, 1R, 19G, 9W, 1G, 2Y
    4.   2Y, 1W, 9G, 2R, 17G, 9W, 2G, 2Y
    5.   2Y, 2W, 8G, 3R, 15G, 9W, 3G, 2Y
    6.   2Y, 3W, 7G, 4R, 13G, 9W, 4G, 2Y
    7.   2Y, 4W, 6G, 5R, 11G, 9W, 5G, 2Y
    8.   2Y, 5W, 5G, 6R, 9G, 9W, 6G, 2Y
    9.   2Y, 6W, 4G, 7R, 7G, 9W, 7G, 2Y
  10.   2Y, 7W, 3G, 8R, 5G, 9W, 8G, 2Y
  11.   2Y, 8W, 2G, 9R, 3G, 9W, 9G, 2Y
  12.   2Y, 9W, 1G, 10R, 1G, 9W, 10G, 2Y
  13.   2Y, 1G, 9W, 10R, 9Y, 11R, 2Y
  14.   2Y, 2G, 8W, 1Y, 9R, 8Y, 11R, 1G, 2Y
  15.   2Y, 3G, 7W, 2Y, 8R, 7Y, 11R, 2G, 2Y
  16.   2Y, 4G, 6W, 3Y, 7R, 6Y, 11R, 3G, 2Y
  17.   2Y, 5G, 5W, 4Y, 6R, 5Y, 11R, 4G, 2Y
  18.   2Y, 6G, 4W, 5Y, 5R, 4Y, 11R, 5G, 2Y
  19.   2Y, 7G, 3W, 6Y, 4R, 3Y, 11R, 6G, 2Y
  20.   2Y, 8G, 2W, 7Y, 3R, 2Y, 11R, 7G, 2Y
  21.   2Y, 9G, 1W, 8Y, 2R, 1Y, 11R, 8G, 2Y
  22.   2Y, 10G, 9Y, 12R, 9G, 2Y
  23.   2Y, 9G, 12R, 9Y, 10G, 2Y
  24.   2Y, 8G, 11R, 1Y, 2R, 8Y, 1W, 9G, 2Y
  25.   2Y, 7G, 11R, 2Y, 3R, 7Y, 2W, 8G, 2Y
  26.   2Y, 6G, 11R, 3Y, 4R, 6Y, 3W, 7G, 2Y
  27.   2Y, 5G, 11R, 4Y, 5R, 5Y, 4W, 6G, 2Y
  28.   2Y, 4G, 11R, 5Y, 6R, 4Y, 5W, 5G, 2Y
  29.   2Y, 3G, 11R, 6Y, 7R, 3Y, 6W, 4G, 2Y
  30.   2Y, 2G, 11R, 7Y, 8R, 2Y, 7W, 3G, 2Y
  31.   2Y, 1G, 11R, 8Y, 9R, 1Y, 8W, 2G, 2Y
  32.   2Y, 11R, 9Y, 10R, 9W, 1G, 2Y
  33.   2Y, 10G, 9W, 1G, 10R, 1G, 9W, 2Y
  34.   2Y, 9G, 9W, 3G, 9R, 2G, 8W, 2Y
  35.   2Y, 8G, 9W, 5G, 8R, 3G, 7W, 2Y
  36.   2Y, 7G, 9W, 7G, 7R, 4G, 6W, 2Y
  37.   2Y, 6G, 9W, 9G, 6R, 5G, 5W, 2Y
  38.   2Y, 5G, 9W, 11G, 5R, 6G, 4W, 2Y
  39.   2Y, 4G, 9W, 13G, 4R, 7G, 3W, 2Y
  40.   2Y, 3G, 9W, 15G, 3R, 8G, 2W, 2Y
  41.   2Y, 2G, 9W, 17G, 2R, 9G, 1W, 2Y
  42.   2Y, 1G, 9W, 19G, 1R, 10G, 2Y
  43 - 44.  44Y

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