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My dogs' name is Rosko . He was two years old. He was born June 16, 2002. He died April 16,2004. He was a very playful dog. He was good with kids. He loved to play ball. He liked for me to walk him in the afternoon.

I am 10 years old and I got him when I was 8 years old and I could hold him in one hand. He was so small. And he was so cute. Rosko died because he got bit by a snake. A other dog got bit by a snake. He did not die, because he was a bigger dog. The other dog was a bulldog.

I miss Rosko a lot. He would follow me around everywhere I went. I loved him a lot, he was a good dog. My name is Courtney, and I love dog's. I always had fun with him. I never had to get mad at Rosko. Every morning I would get up to go to school he would jump up in my lap and it was like he would give me a hug, because he would lay his head on me.And I would lay my head on him. I had fun with Rosko all the time.

This was written by Courtney about her dog Rosko.

And Courtney also wrote this about her other dogs...

The other dogs name is Bruno. He is 1years old. He was born Aughust 2,2003.I have 3 dogs now since Rosko past away. The dogs name is Bruno the one that got lost. The other dogs names are Peaches and Rex. Rex is a very playful dog. Peaches is a playful dog to. Rex is a bulldog. Peaches is a Shih-Tzu. I love all my dogs a lot. There is 2 more dogs I would like to put on Animal Memorial. The first dog I am adding on there is Duke he was 2 years old born March 10,2002 he was a playful dog to he loved to run. He was a very good dog. And the second dog is Walker he was a playful dog. I can't remember when he was born but I do remember when he died it was
April 2,2002. He was 8 years old.

Rosko is now over Rainbows Bridge with other animals, to play with.