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Slideshow Photos From the "Book Of Days" Video:

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Click on the Thumbnail Pictures to see Enya's photos full size:

Photos Of Enya (born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin):

These Thumbnails are an experiment. Click on the Thumbnails, and a draggable box appears without
leaving the page window. Click on the box and it expands to the larger picture. Drag the picture by
the clear box at the top. Remove the larger photo by clicking the X in the top right corner:

The rest of the thumbnails are normal:





This tree planting kit was given to US radio stations when the album first came out. It includes a real tree in a plastic tube (right end) and a label (right) which reads: "According to Celtic folklore, a tree retains the memories of the times in which it grows. Cutting down trees is like cutting history. Plant this little tree and help create a new treasure trove of memories.© 1995 Reprise Records. Made in USA. For promotional use only. Not for sale."

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