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Dave's Free Christmas Gifs Page!


12 Days Of Christmas Angel Candle Spinner Angel Twinkle left Angel Twinkle Right Angel Victorian Style Animated Christmas Village
Animated Dove Animated Lantern Animated Snow Scene Animated Tree Animated Tree
Animated Snowy House
B&W Seasons
Greetings House
Blinking Tree Blinking Teddy Blue Snowfall Gif Bugs Bunny
Train Animation
Cabin Snow Gif
Calender Animated Candles Burning 1 Candles Burning 2 Candles Burning 3 Candles Burning 4 Candles Burning 5
Candles Burning 6 Candles Burning 7 Candles Burning 8 Candles Burning 9 Candles Silver Sparkly Cardinal 1
Cardinal 2 Ani Christmas Day
Calender Page
Chris Mouse, Jr. Chris Mouse, Sr. Chrissy Ann Mouse Christmas Bough
Christmas Tree Twinkle Christmas Village Ani Chirstmas Village Line Christmas Village
Ani Small
Christmas Window
Card Front
Circle Of Cardinals
Cookies And Milk
Country Home
Desktop large
Country Home
Desktop Small
Creeping Santa Large Creeping Santa Small Feeding Deer
Fireplace Ani 1 Fireplace Ani 2 Flickering Christmas
Flying Santa Gold Sparkling Stars Happy Holidays
Blinkie 1
Happy Holidays
Blinkie 2
Happy Holidays Card Happy Holidays Lights Happy Holidays Santa Holly Bar 1 Holly Bar 2
House 1 House 2 House Wheel Lights House With Lights Icicles Kincade A Christmas
Lamp Bench Left Lamp Bench Right Mantle 1 Mantle 2 Merry Chris
Moose Blinkie
Merry Chris
Mouse 1
Merry Chris
Mouse 2
Merry Christmas Ani Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Banner Small
Merry Christmas Cross Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Tag Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
From Us 2 You
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Mini City Mini City Large Nativity 1 Nativity 2 Nativity Snow
Nativity Twinkle New Year
Ball Drop
New Year
Clock Tower
New Year
Date Switch
Poinsettia BG 1 Poinsettia BG 2
Poinsettia Corner
Poinsettia Cross Poinsettia Line Poinsettia Line
Left End
Poinsettia Line
Right End
Poinsettia Twinkle
Reindeer Running Reindeer Wreath
Santa Checking
Bag Ani
Santa Checking
List Ani
Santa Doors Close Santa Female Helper
Santa Flying
Sleigh Ani
Santa Guitar Santa Jumping Santa Laughing Santa Leaves
Santa Making
List Ani
Santa Moon
Card Front
Santa Reads To
A Child
Santa Scene Santa Skating Ani Santa Skating Lg Ani Santa Sleigh 1
Santa Sleigh 2 Santa Sleigh 3 Santa Sleigh 4 Santa Sleigh Ani 1 Santa Sleigh Ani 2 Santa Train
Santa Tree Ani Santa Trumpet Santa Wink Seasons Greetings
Santa Sleigh
Seasons Greetings Ani Seasons Greetings Banner
Shining Star 1 Shining Star 2 Skier 1 Small House 1 Snoopy Decorates
Snow Globe
Snowfall Silhouette Snowman 1 Snowman Line Snowy Card Snowy Christmas
Yard Ani
Snowy Church
Shop Till You
Drop Cat
Snowy Church Avatar Snowy Cottage Snowy Decorated
Snowy Door Snowy House
Santa Flying
Snowy Snowman Snowy Window 1 Snowy Window 2 Snowy Window Scene Star Of Bethlehem 1 Stocking Garland Small
Train Moving Tree Bear Fireplace Twinkle Santa Twinkle Star 1 Twinkle Tree 1 Twinkle Tree 2
Twinkle Tree 3 Twinkle Wreath 1 Twinkle Wreath 2 Twinkle Wreath 3 Twinkle Wreath 4 Twinkle Wreath 5
Twinkle Wreath 6 Twinkling Pine Twinkling Star BG Twinkling Tree 1 Twinkling Tree
Gifts Ani
Victorian Cherub Ani
Victorian Christmas Home Victorian Home Ani Village Line Waving Santa Waving Snowman White Snowfall
Winter Background Winter Car Line Wonderland Wonderland House Yellow Snow Ani 3 Twinkling Nativity
Merry Christmas
Banner 2
Bough Bell Line Happy Holidays Line Santa Flying 1 Happy Holidays
Santa Chimney Burn
Blue Ornament Ani Naked Santa Happy Holidays
Sparkly Ornaments Santa Snowman
Santa Workshop
Cats Front Ribbons Cats Rear Ribbons Window Sleigh
Penguins Dancing Angel Blows Kisses Santa Signature
House Snowman Boy Pulling Sled House Lights Ani Elf Gift House Large
With Lights
Santa Jet Crash

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