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Bayer's History at Corporate Challenge Races

Here is the historical perspective on corporate challenge road races and Bayer's participation in past years. The 3.5 mile (and not 5K as it is often mistaken as) road race began in 1977 with 50 companies. Bayer (REVLON - TECHNICON at that time) participation started in1983. In most recent years, there has been on and off participation as MILES in 92, 93 and 94 and as BAYER in 1998, 2000 AND 2001. Gary Struve and Wilbert Livingston are the two current members from the initial team of 1983! Today, the Chase corporate challenge series is the largest participatory corporate sporting event with more than 177,000 runners from nearly 6,000 companies. In 1998, 15 runners (12 men, 3 women) from Lab Testing Segment took part in 2 qualifying races. 8 of these runners are from R&D (reagents), 3 from R&D (systems), 1 from U.S. Branch, 2 from product support and 1 from QA. Two men's teams met the criteria of top 10% finishers and participated in championship race, finishing 17th out of 75 teams.

Revelon-Technicon Team: 1983

Corporate Challenge Chempionship - 1993

Corporate Challenge Chempionship - 1998