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To set the record straight I called for the flag of India to be removed from

all websites since the Govt of India has ignored our pleas .

I have nothing against being Indian nor the people of India , either which

way, we are family , we are blood and I have championed the cause of many

Indian nationals right here in NY.

The reason I have taken such a position is because the govt of India plays

deaf , dumb and mute as regards the plight of ALL Indians in the diaspora .

Uganda , Fiji , Mauritius , South Africa , Mozambique and Guyana is

testament to that charge .

Prime Minister  Vajpayee and other members of the Foreign Service stated in Sept 2002, that they were not aware Indians were facing such a dilemma until Ravi Dev presented Vajpayee with a documented report .

I Do not recall the govt of India offering Guyana any assistance and if they

did , it was not to the Indian people of Guyana but their good ole buddies ,

the PPP. Let us understand one thing , the PPP has stated repeatedly they

are not an Indian party therefore the Govt of India has not offered

assistance to the Indian people of Guyana .

Outgoing Ambassador Joshi avoided frank discussions on the subject in

December , 2002 and even advised that concerned Indo Guyanese submit a

report to the Indian Foreign Service . This is a clear indication he and

govt of India are choosing to avoid the issues head on .

As I recall , Indians left India because the subcontinent was under the iron

fist of a few British Officers and famine , disease and poverty engulfed our

people , so they decided to take the risk , the chance the challenge to seek

a better future .

As I recall , when India was on it's knees in their struggle for

independence Mahatma Gandhi and the Independence Movement dispatched

emmissaries to countries where there were East Indian communities to raise

funds , voices and support for the cause .

As I recall , Mr. Mahatam Singh visited the Caribbean under the auspices of

Dr. J.B.Singh of British Guiana , Mr. Budbhir Singh of Trinidad and Mr.

Radha Kishan of Suriname , in the 1930's and 40's, for monetary support to

the cause . The rich 'coolies' of these countries gave and gave in a very

big way , the mandirs and masjids passed their bowls around and the poor

underpriviliged logie dwelling 'Coolies' gave also,

so India was never alone if their struggle for Independence, we were all

right along in the struggle .

When India experiences natural disasters the 'Coolies' in the disapora

always exceed expectations in their contributions .

When Indira Gandhi was invited by Forbes Burnham she came to Guyana but

never made the time to sit with the victimized 'Coolies' because she did not

want to jeopardize Burham's support of her Father's dream for the Non

Alignment by being involved with the suffering of the 'Coolies' at the

hands of Burnham.

Indira Gandhi did the same thing the PPP has been doing for 40 years, she

bartered the 'Coolies' for her father's dream.

We 'coolies' got out of India but India will always be in our hearts and we

are not trying to stop being Indian nor purge ourselves of our Indianess .

If the mother ignores the children then the children need to teach the

mother a lesson .

We 'coolies' have got to realize that we are alone in our struggle . I agree

that we need to stand up and fight but when we have an armed opposition and

a govt who facilitates our aggressor we must seek help from all corners just

to get from our backs to our knees where we can do the rest.

Our people have been abused , confused and ridiculed into total submission

and it will take medicinal doses of waking up.

The fact that ROAR won 1 seat in their first election is in itself a miracle

and with the recent petitions and demonstrations in Guyana , 'Coolies ' will

become empowered .

I have been calling for Indians to break with the PPP for over 30 years . I

have been making a Call to Arms because the existing political proceeds and

structures in Guyana are indifferent to 'Coolies'.

As I have said and continue to say , " JUSTICE FOR INDIANS WILL ONLY COME


I have no hate for India and the people but I am grossly disappointed in the

Got of India and if they refuse to throw us a straw then we 'Coolies' must

be resolute and make it known to all Indian Communities around the world.

Hope I did not step on anyone's' toes but I got to call a spade a spade .

All leaders , govts and politicians must be held responsible and accountable

for their actions or in this case , Inactions, without exception.


Your Kalipani Brother