These are bookmatched tops and backs I have or had in stock for you to choose from. All of these are pictured with no finish and is the natural color of the woods.

African Padauk

This wood is naturally red in color with striking grain and black streaking which turns more brown with exposure to UV. For this reason, it is recommended to keep these in a case or not exposed to direct sunlight when not being played if you wish to keep the red hue longer.

These tops and backs can be used for either The CamelBack, The Cicada, or The Mantis.

Goncalo Alves

This beautiful wood is extremely hard and dense with spectacular grain. Both sets are from the same piece... one set from the top and one set from the bottom.

This wood is recommended for The Cicada or The Mantis but can be fitted to the CamelBack for an extra $100.


This is extremely light yet remarkably responsive. These will make the lightest guitar bodies which is a real plus if you have back problems or just like a light and responsive guitar. Some have a high quality birch laminate back for strength and rigidity or an alder back for a more complex resonance structure.


This is not flamed, but beautifully figured wood I personally brought back from my trip to The Big Island a few years ago.

The remaining woods are only wide enough for The Mantis. You will note that on one, I incorporated the maple and cocobolo inlay for artistic merits but the other I did not. I can add the inlay to the other if you so wish.

If you wish to have a guitar built using any of these woods, please contact me via the "Contact Me" link in the left menu of the home page and refer to the picture wood type and number below the picture of the wood(s) you wish to use and let me know which is to be top and which is to be bottom.

I have taken some of my woods in stock and pre-fabricated three CamelBack and three Mantis chambered bodies from some of these and other woods I have pulled from stock. These will reduce construction time for those of you who want a RockBeach sooner and like the combinations I have put together. These are to be displayed below the bookmatched tops and backs. The first picture is a top and the second is the back of that particular guitar. I will intersperse CamelBack and Mantis bodies to help avoid confusion.










Goncala Alves1

Goncala Alves2

Goncala Alves3

Goncala Alves4





Padauk Topped CamelBack

Alder Back

Poplar Top and Middle

Birch Muti-Ply Laminate Back

Padauk Topped CamelBack

Padauk Back

Poplar Top and Middle Mantis

Birch Multi-Ply Back

Poplar Top and Middle CamelBack

Birch Multi-Ply Back

Koa Topped Mantis

Koa Back