Squirrels In Traffic Welcome You!!!

Thank you for dropping by! We as a group and as a web page are continuously under construction so feel free to visit often to keep up with our gig schedule and news!

To contact us for hire or feedback, you can e-mail me, Boggs, at boggsplace@yahoo.com and I will do my best to get back to you promptly.

Squirrels at the Pieters Family Life Center

The shot to the right is from when we played at The Pieters Family Life Center in Henrietta, NY. We were more or less the house band for the summer there and we always have a great time playing there! It is a great facility serving not only the developmentally disabled, but the whole community. Kelly is our lead singer and floutist. We do a couple of covers by Jethro Tull, and she just sets everywhere she goes on fire with her Ian Anderson-esque flute work! She works for Heritage Christian Services who operate the Pieters Family Life Center. On Bass is Tim and he is a man of many talents. He is the owner of Pixelwave and provides sound and photography services for a variety of applications. He is also an outstanding woodworker and craftsman! Chuck is on drums and is an outstanding engineer at Xerox Corporation and a better friend, you could not have. Chuck is really the heart and soul of the group. Yours truly, Greg, is on guitar. I also am the owner of RockBeach Guitars and I do build my own instruments as well as work for Chuck at Xerox during the day.

Here we are at The Victor Days Celebration Festival...

On stage with us is Patti Malley who chaired the entertainment for the festival and she was wonderful to work with! This was a fun event despite the weather. We are all looking forward to playing this event again next year too! In addition, we have played several "mini-sets" at open mics at The Dinosaur and The Flipside and played a benefit gig closing out the show at The Flipside.

We cover artists such as Jethro Tull, Cheryl Crow, SuperChick, The Pretenders, Joan Osbourne, Susan Tedeschi, Heart, Natalie Merchant, Natalie Imbruglia, Led Zeppelin, and others and are working on building our repetoir...

Here we are at The Victor Days Celebration Festival...

Filling in on bass is Scott Ramsay and on lead guitar is Scott McHenry...

You can also see my guitar builds at www.rockbeachguitars.com .


On Friday, Feb. 26th, we will be opening for Rochester's top classic rock band, 7th Heaven, at The Jukebox on Ridge Road West in Spencerport! We start off the show at 9:00 and then 7th Heaven will relentlessly keep the party going until 2:00am so BE READY TO PAR-TAY!!!

Be watching for our show time again at The Pieters Family Life Center coming in March and we also got confirmed for The Irondequoit Gazebo in August and The Victor Days Festival in September! I am also working on geting a joint gig with Fire Red potentially at Sis Pockets this Spring

Keep watching!


In two words... Great time! We couldn't take any pictures due to security issues in a product engineering facility, but we had a steady flow of "Traffic" to be in the midst of! We played virtually our entire setlist with a couple being requested a second time. We also introduced our three newest additions to our setlist and they came off extremely well! One was one of the re-requested ones: Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" which we do in a way similar to how Ann Wilson (Heart) does on her magnificent cover album called "Hope and Glory." I can't recommend that one highly enough. Great stuff!!! We take it somewhere between hers and LZ's version. It was a real crowd pleaser and is our new favorite song to play! Anyhow, please be watching this page for play date updates and if you have heard and like us, please feel free to recommend us to your favorite establishment! As stated above, I can be contacted via e-mail. Also, don't forget to visit www.rockbeachguitars to learn about the custom guitars I build and play! Cheers!!

Below are live samples from early recordings. The two Tull recordings were from our first gig recorded on an old 8mm video camera. Only the audio was captured for this clip. Finally, the bottom clip is a montage clip of several segments from our demo rehearsal/recording session in December. Please contact me by e-mail at www.boggsplace.com if you are interested in us for your festival or event!


White Lightning and Wine.

Match Burn Twice.

Dreamin' of the Day.

Can't Cry Anymore.

Living in the Past live performance.

Bouree live performance.

Son of a Preacher Man.

From our demo session, a montage of clips.

This video was from a live performance of our take on Ann Wilson's cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" at an open mic at The Dinosaur in Rochester. It was our first try at it live...