First off, I honestly have no real desire to service multi-thousand dollar guitars, but instead prefer taking the unplayable and beginners’ guitars and making them easier to play in order to encourage their owners or students to want to play them more! In other words, I'm not in it for “bragging rights”...

I simply want to encourage people to play their guitars more because they play or sound so much better!

My services have included:

  • Setups and dress problem frets, but not complete refrettings.
  • Installation of JLD Bridge Doctors and Earvana compensating nuts.
  • Repairing cracks on acoustic guitar tops, and replacing portions of a laminate top.
  • Neck reset on dovetail acoustic guitar necks.
  • De-divot fingerboards.
  • Add laminate layers to build up an acoustic bridge.
  • Repair broken headstock.
  • Installing electronics on both electric and acoustic guitars.


The broken-in top of a Giannini Craviola

The Craviola after repair, with custom pickguard

The re-finished body with electronics