This is another exciting new product in the RockBeach lineup! A chambered body 35" scale 5-string bass strung through the body or at the tailstop of the individual Hipshot TripleLoc bridges featuring the Warmoth Gecko neck! This particular bass uses a Bartolini Music Man series humbucker in the middle position and is wired for series/parallel/bridge coil combinations for plenty of tone variety. Pictured is a stunning piece with figured purpleheart top and chambered Cuban mahogany midsection and back. I used purpleheart for the rear cover plate for stylish contrast.

The 35" scale gives you remarkable individual string articulation and power. I have chosen to use a brass nut to further enhance this quality.

You can see that it does borrow greatly from the CamelBack guitar design but with extended horns for proper balance.

Early response to this bass, being so favorable, has led me to work on a horned camelback guitar design which is to be coming in the not to distant future...