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This Website is Dedicated to Mr. George Calverley and man's best friend, "Max" Ch. Zara's Blue Max, CD, TD, SH, RD, SD, VX, CGC, TDI

Max was the beginning of the Bavarian Mist Line.

We meet many people through the “dog world.” Dogs and their owners can make a great impact on the breed. I have two dogs I will always know and cherish. I know I will see them in heaven.

The Sire to my first and second litter was “Max”. From these litters we had good conformation, instincts, and sound temperament all in one. I miss you Max, and owner George. I think of you both often. “Max” was Ch. Zara's Blue Max TD,NRD,RD,NSD,SD,JH,SH,V, VX,CGC,TDI. Max's owner George was the love of my life. He was my BEST FRIEND. HE WAS A TEACHER. HE WAS GREAT TO CHRIS & I. I KNOW HE IS IN HEAVEN WITH MAX, WORKING IN THE FIELDS and HUNTING THOSE PHEASANTS! SEE YA SOON GREAT FRIENDS

Then years passed and I was lucky enough to see a young puppy that took my breath away at 10 months old. I saw no other dog that was better for many years. Linda was “Ben’s” owner /handler along with Ellen Grevatt & Patricia Crowley. Ben went on to do great things. He was a Best In Show winner and showed at Westminster placer. He also earned his TD and JH. I was fortunate to have two litters with Ben as the sire. All of the puppies are special- they are elegant with great temperaments and instincts. I thank Mrs. Ellen Grevatt for creating Ben and Ms. Linda Snyder for believing in us all the way and supporting George and myself! Ben is a Dog that is bigger than the Empire state Building and just as impressive.

I Love You All! Dassah Nygren

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