AJX Product Line.

Diesel Tank Cleaning System (TCS)

Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning System for Marine & Industrial Tanks—A Three-Part Cleaning System designed to solve microbial contamination (algae) problems without costly fuel polishing. Its unique process includes a biocide that kills the microbes in minutes. A living microorganism that “eats up” slimy deposits in your tank until they burst and become dead tissue and the living part starts eating all over again and repeats the process. Then the last product dissolves the dead tissue creating a clean fuel tank. To keep your tank clean, Perfect Fuel AJX-TMS should be used as an integral part of your housekeeping program. For marine and industrial use. 1 U.S. Quart (0.946 Liters) treats 500 Gal. (1892 Liters)

Diesel Fuel & Tank Maintenance System (TMS)

Diesel Fuel & Tank Maintenance System Plus—Multi-purpose product for diesel and fuel oil. Eliminates fungi, prevents microbial contamination (algae), Reduces Smoke, Cetane booster, Fuel Preservative, Fuel System Detergent, Top Cylinder Lubricant, Pour Point Depressant, Disperses Water Derived From Condensation. For marine and industrial use. 1 U.S. Quart (0.946 Liters) treats 500 Gal. (1892 Liters)

For problem fuel use the TCS with the TMS for best result. You will be cleaning the fuel and also increasing the cetane level that will be lower due to the bacteria.

Gasoline Tank Cleaning and Maintenance (GAS)

Gasoline Tank Cleaning System—Multi functional gasoline catalyst and biocide for bacterial treatment. Designed to preserve and improve fuel performance, AJX-GAS will clean & lubricate fuel pumps and injectors. It eliminates bacterial growth, reduces smoke, improves fuel flow, fuel efficiency, Disperses Water Derived from Condensation and provides top cylinder lubricity to reduce friction and wear. AJX-GAS will rid your tank of microbial contamination (that brown goopy stuff) that builds up and causes clogged filters and engine failure. 1 U.S. Quart (0.946 Liters) treats 500 Gal (1892 Liters) For Cleaning, 1250 Gal (4730 Liters) For Maintenance.