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Stringer was cut down 1 1/2" for added Head room.

Stringer was then made solid that went 10" past each bulkhead for added strength.

Outside edge of stringer had balsa and glass added which made the stringer wider and a new floor was put in to be level with top of the stringer.

Ceiling was raised 2" and side wall was moved out 3."

All new walls were made with a cored material with a epoxy outter skin. So everything was glassed in with West System. Two soap shelves and one shampoo were molded in, 35 corners where formed and over 125' of radiused edges done.

All new cabinets molded in.

New Wilson Art countertop.

The head was then sprayed with Sterling Cloud White with a flattener agent added.

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Last updated 12-10-2003