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The Doctor's '89

{and various uva fings}

My 1978 Suzuki RM400 engine In 1984 Kawasaki KDX250 chassis

The Surgery an' some of the ..eerrr..patients!

Me an' Fast Freddie
2265cc of 1953 FJ Holden Greymotor Power..brrrmmm brmm!


go gazza you bloody good thing!!
good ol' 500 2 smoker wooohooo!!!..nuffin' betterer!!

1977 TO 2005
I didn't grown much in the 28 years between pics

..did loose a damn fine head of hair though! :(

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Eat My

VMX SUZUKI SITE Still'Under Construction'
Should be up and running by May 05
Maybe..added note is the fact I am getting greedy and thinking of keeping everything for me me me!

Anuva Itty Bitty 2 Banger Toy

2003 Stanthorpe SuperMotard Slide Show

2003 Story Bridge Bike Show

Local Brizzy Bussa

Want a Suzuki Part Number or veiw a Microfiche? Try here!