HOW TO... 107THNEWLOGO by Matthew A. Maringola
Graphic Artist


Correct operation of a bolt action military rifle takes some practice. Reenactors new to its use have a tendency to lower the rifle to work the bolt. To correctly operate the bolt in "battle" situations the weapon is not withdrawn from the shoulder between rounds. The cheek remains at the stock. It may be necessary to move the head slightly depending on the length of the butt stock (Mk III's came with 3 different lengths) but you should maintain the same general sight picture. Release the grip with your right hand, bringing it up so that the palm of your hand (close to the web of your thumb and forefinger) engages the bolt handle, moving it upwards and to the rear in one smooth, smart motion. Drive the bolt forward and down, also in one motion and regrip the weapon for the next shot. Although the bolt operation is really 4 distinct moves with practice it will appear to be only 2 very smooth and quick moves. Your hand is moving in an arc rather than in a vertical and then a horizontal motion.

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