107THNEWLOGO by Matthew A. Maringola
Graphic Artist

Saturday, June 1
Up at 5:45 am. On detail in supply freight yards in town. Loading and unloading tires. Wonderful amount of supplies. Went for swim in afternoon. It sure was fine. Swam in Bay of Biscay. On water guard from 7;00 pm.

Sunday, June 2
2 on and 4 off all night guarding water. Water comes by tank boats from a point about 40 miles away. Have to put chloride in it to purify. Went for a swim. Fellow in C Co. Eng. almost drowned. On guard in city. French troops leaving. Women very brave at parting. Some time in town. Guard a little off. S & C very off. Some job getting back. Very lucky to get back without turn in. Told to report to Captain. Thought we were in for it but only S. A. I.(Short Arm Inspection) Packed up early to leave. Slept 2 hours without blankets.

Monday, June 3
Will not leave until tomorrow morning. Have to get up at 2 am. Field inspection this morning. SS President Lincoln sunk. SS Pres. Grant torpedoed - hole torn in bow. Did not sink.

Tuesday, June 4
(very faded and hard to read) Up at 2 am. Left camp 5 AM. Train left 7:30 am from city. Loaded in side door pullman. 40 recruits 20' by 8'. Beautiful scenery along roads. Passed through Severay, St. Etienne, (Several illegible towns), Loire River.

Wednesday, June 5
(very faded and hard to read) Gen. Mickey died in the night (Brigadier General Robert E. L. Miche, commander of the 53rd Infantry Brigade, 27th Division. The stadium at U.S.M.A. West Point is named after him.) . Passed through (illegible) (on Seine River). Very, very upsetting place. Lots of locomotive repair shops. Stopped at ? for 2 hours. Fine welcome. This town bombed last night. Arrived at Najedle detraining point. Hardly any sleep.

Thursday, June 6
(very faded and hard to read) Detrained. Turned in all our surplus material. Packed unnecessary personal articles in barracks bags. Will not see them again for a long while. Aeroplane raids at various times. Marched 5 miles to staging camp Nouvion - slept there.

Friday, June 7
(very faded and hard to read) Up at 2:00 am. Left at 6:00 am. Walked 12 miles in morning to a staging camp. Tough. 5 in A and 4 in B and C fell out. No one from C. Saw several aeroplane battles. Very high - at times could not see them. Arrived at 12 noon at St. Riguier. Billeted in barns.

Saturday, June 8
Aeroplanes bombarded Abbeville (10 miles away) last night. Germans come during day and take pictures then come back at night and pay us a visit. Some barns - sleeping next door to cows, pigs and horses. Some life, but we get used to it. On KP.

Sunday, June 9
On KP, some job. On for four days. Canned Willie galore (canned corned beef, a doughboy staple. Also know as "monkey meat"). Pretty picturesque town. Beautiful cathedral (630?). Joan of Arc's statue inside, is a wonder of beauty. Prison tower where J of A was imprisoned.

Monday, June 10
Can hear the guns all night. Not very far from trenches. Wounded coming back at various times of day. Got our trench hats. Lots of fellows here who have been gassed. Mustard gas is the worst.

Tuesday, June 11
Last day of KP - thank goodness. Men sent on hikes to keep out of sight of German aeroplanes. Fritzie pretty active last night. About 30 French aeroplanes passed us going toward trenches. Others in practice maneuvers.

Wednesday, June 12
(very faded and hard to read) Hiked with packs to Capenne this morning, 12 mile hike. This afternoon hiked to Oneaux, 2 miles full pack. Got our gas masks and tents, then went in tear gas chamber.(illegible)

British gas instructor

Thursday, June 13
Hiked to Millincourt and Caours about 8 miles. All hikes or mass formations are with blouses and full packs. This afternoon hiked almost to Capenne, about 3 miles. One of the fellows fell off of a hammock and broke ankle.

Friday, June 14
(very faded and hard to read) Hiked with full pack this morning about 6 miles. Afternoon hiked about 3/4 mile, slept and returned for buzzer practice. Got in lot of supplies. 20 wagons with from 4 to 6 horses per wagon. That was work.

Saturday, June 15
(very faded and hard to read) On maneuvers all day. Signaling with flash lanterns. Hiked about 15 miles. Entire division in the maneuvers. Went in circle from St. Requier to Vauchelles to Caours to Millancourt and return. Aeros with us.

Sunday, June 16
(very faded and hard to read) About 30 aeros swarming over us. Resting for hike to new camp on Tuesday. Jerry visited us at 11:03 pm. Flew to Abbeville and set oil drums afire with bombs. Went out of range for a while and returned.

Monday, June 17
(very faded and hard to read) About 1:30 am after again bombing Abbeville, flew back over us and dropped a few bombs. Foot inspection. Fellows with flat feet to be transferred. Some fun with the farm girl - call her the stable sergeant.

Foot inspection. Trench foot, caused by standing for long periods in cold, wet trenches caused many casualties
signal corps photo

Tuesday, June 18
(very faded and hard to read) Had pack made up. 1/2 hour sleep last night. Too cold. Up at 3:30, started 5:00 am. Circled around Abbeville, passed through Lavears, Cambrai, Meannay, ? to Fressenneville. Some hiking with packs. Close to 20 miles. Billeted in barn.

Wednesday, June 19
(very faded and hard to read) Pretty fair town. Lots of girls in factory. Had lamp signal practice. People here are very pleasant. Seem to like Americans. Portuguese troops here before us.

Thursday, June 20
Final inspection of gas masks. About 350 auto buses, sight seeing cars and trucks passed through. Leaving tomorrow at 4:30 am.

Friday, June 21
Started ten o'clock. Passed through Lavine, Miannay, Cambion to Port Le Grand. Arrived at 6:30 pm. About 12 miles. Billeted in barn overnight. Only a small town, but clean.

Saturday, June 22
Walked to Laviers. Ride in lorries. Passed through Abbeville, St. Riquier, Oneux, Heirmont, Auri Le Chateau (big), Wavan, Beauvoir, Fronte Le Grande, Mezerose, Occoches, Riquotou, Doullens (???burg), Beauval. Pup tents - barn too lousy.

Sunday, June 23
Marvelous church. Beautiful windows and statues. Built in 1838. Everything looks new. Went to see aerodromes. Some stunts the aviators do. Two packs only of cigarettes this will. Sleep in pup tents. Slept two nights without tent - damp.

Monday, June 24
Gas mask drill this morning. Semaphore practice in afternoon.

Soldiers demonstrate the eight steps to put on and adjust the gas mask
signal corps photo

Tuesday June 25
Can hear front line guns at all times very plainly. Morning a hike - afternoon buzzer (telegraph) practice. S.A.I.


Wednesday, June 26
Morning gas drill and hike. Afternoon buzzer and lamp practice. Got our pay - 56 F. Some time in the old burg - plenty of wine and champagne. Western Union Splice (illustrated with drawing)

Thursday, June 27
Jerry came last night. Aeroplane battle. Jerry brought down in flames. Morning gas drill. Afternoon buzzer. Jerry came in afternoon for observation. Came at night to raise hell and he did. Entirely too close to be comfortable. Swooped down low over town and used his machine guns. Two men reported killed. 2 planes downed. Pretty active now.

Friday, June 28
Appointment with dentist for 2:00 pm July 5 at #45. Regular drill.

Saturday, June 29
Jerry came last night. Dropped bombs around town. Little damage. Field inspection. Signed pay roll. Went to Doullens - pretty fair town. Jerry again tonight.

Sunday, June 30
Jerry killed about 14 horses on 105th Inf. picket line, right close by. Shrapnel all around. Mustered in. Jerry came scouting around but didn't start anything.

Monday, July 1
Resting up in preparation for expected move tomorrow morning. Expect to go north.. Pretty sick the last two days. Too much chocolate. Jerry around this afternoon but not at night so at least we got in a full night's sleep.

Tuesday, July 2
Packs rolled. Expected to vacate about 9:00 am, but orders changed. On loading detail. Company marched to Candas. Left about 11:30 pm.

Wednesday July 3
Pretty cramped sleep. 40 in each car. Passed through Trevent, St. Pol, Lillers, (all shot to pieces), Aires, and detrained at Arques. Hiked 10 miles from Arques through St. Omer to Nieurlet. Arrived 7:00 pm.

Thursday, July 4
Nothing to eat from Tues. 12 noon to Wed 9:00 pm except jam sandwich. Ate iron rations (A ration consisting of corned beef, tea, sugar and biscuit which was the standard issued ration for the British). Field inspection. 3rd and 4th platoons under arrest for eating iron rations. Sgt. Sherman transferred to Headquarters. Sgt. White new platoon chief.

Friday, July 5
All 85 of us to be court marshalled. Will probably be fined about $10. Hike in morning - gas drill in afternoon. On sanitary detail. Swept up town. It never was so clean before, I don't think. (No mention of dentist.)

Saturday, July 6
Moving tomorrow morning - hike and gas drill. Afternoon - buzzer practice. Got my first letter from home dated May 27. Believe me it was better than being paid.

Sunday, July 7
Left Nieurlet at 8:00 am. Hiked. Passed through Lederzeele, Ochterzeele, Wemears-Cappel, Hardeford, Oudezeele. Sleep in pup tents. About 8 miles from front. Walked about 15 miles.

Monday, July 8
First detail gone in trenches. Out of luck. Have to wait for my turn. Long range guns of Jerry firing over us. Had a few visitors so I boiled every article of clothing. All day job.

Body lice, commonly know to every doughboy as "cooties". Their control was a constant and often loosing battle
signal corps photo

Tuesday, July 9
Hanging around all day with only fatigue uniform. Almost froze. Air battle a few miles behind front. Looked as though three planes forced a Jerry down.

Wednesday, July 10
The best day of the month - pay day. Morning - gas drill or hike. Afternoon - paid 66F. Signaling under gas conditions. Visited Wormhoudt. Some time. Pretty good town. 2 Frenchies playing piano and violin. Got in after taps all OK.

Thursday, July 11
Morning - buzzer, afternoon - hike and gas drill. Hiked to Wormhoudt. Mail at last. Received pkg. of candy and two letters from Mom. Letters from Ed, Annie, and Evelyn Paar. Been held up. Fellows sure were pleased.

Friday, July 12
Been drizzling rain for last four days but today was a devil. Flooded are pup tent.. Visited Cassel at night. Too many MP's for comfort. Situated on a hill. Can see for miles around.

Saturday, July 13
Morning - gas mask inspection, drill, and lecture. Three kinds of gas attacks: cloud shell and projector. Afternoon - buzzer practice. Went to Wormhoudt at night. Brought two of the fellows.

Sunday, July 14
French holiday. Fall of the Bastille anniversary. Have day off. Walter (Mahoney?) and I in house writing letters. All the comforts of home. Pitchers of beer and cigarettes galore. Jerry paid us a visit last night. (Letter #2)

Monday, July 15
Jerry over last night. Left Oudezeele 9:00 am. Special detail hiked to Winnezeele. Entrained 12:00 noon and passed through Wormhoudt, Zeggers-Cappel, Bollersech arrived at school in Volkerinckhove at 4:30 pm. Visited (illegible)

Tuesday, July 16
Jerry over last night. Also had some thunderstorms. Some place. Sleep in steel billets, mess shacks, baths and washing places. Town pretty small. Reported 4 killed and 26 wounded of 105 Inf.

Wednesday, July 17
Beginning of course. In squad C. Buzzer. This is some life. Detail learning English system so as to cooperate with English at front. Very fine instructors. Lecture by Lt. Col. Stratton (Eng).

Thursday, July 18
Regular class work. Get 4 meals a day here and they sure are some meals. Latest report that 3 were killed and 25 wounded of the 105 Inf. billeted at Nieurlet in the billets where we were a little over a week ago - confirmed.

Friday, July 19
Regular class work. Lecture on Pigeons. Good news, semi- official report 17,000 prisoners, 200 guns and 10 Km advance on 40 mile front by French. Went to pigeon coupe at Lederzeele.

2nd Corps signalmen preparing to send a message by pigeon

Saturday, July 20
Class in morning only - have afternoon off. Baseball game between our fellows and Canadians. Game stopped by rain.

Sunday, July 21
Have whole day off. Writing letters to get caught up on mail. Had a beaut of a boil on left cheek. Doctor lanced and cleaned it. Would rather take Pop's treatment.

Monday, July 22
Regular class work.

Tuesday, July 23
Jerry over last night. Got him in light but lost him.

Wednesday, July 24
Regular school work. Entertainment - not much.

Thursday, July 25
Jerry over last night. Dropped 4 bombs about 400 feet away from billets. One a dud. Knocked a couple of houses to pieces. Just missed church. Regular school drill. Played ball with Canadians.

Friday, July 26
Regular class work. Mail from Mom, Marion (Doud?) and Bill Valentine.

Saturday, July 27
Class work in morning - afternoon off - bummed around.

Sunday, July 28
Went to St. Omer. Some town. Wonderful church. Canal through town. Bailey along. Fine park. Plenty of girls.

Monday, July 29
Regular class work. Marion #1.

Tuesday, July 30
Mom #4. Jerry over last night. Signed pay roll.

Wednesday, July 31
Regular class work. Decided to take a trip. Mahoney, Bailey and I went to Oudezeele, 15 miles, for mail. No pass. Brought back putties also. Passed through Bruxelle, Robrouck and Wormhoudt. On way back, lost our way and went through Bollezeele. Saw signal lights in house, signalling to Jerry. Barrage right over us. Had no guns with us. Got back to camp about 11:30.

Thursday, Aug 1
Regular class. At night, went with Sgt. Dunny, Mahiney and Bailey to see if we could see light again. All of us with loaded guns. Saw more lights, but not sufficient to enter house. Jerry over us again.

Friday, Aug 2
Regular class work.

Saturday, Aug 3
Half day off. Hung around. Got letter from Mom and the 6th Annual Dinner Issue of the Producer and a letter from Mr. Jones. Visited house with warrant - no lights.

Sunday, Aug 4
Hiked 6 miles through Lederzeele to Watton. Got pass to Calais. 1;30 pm train. Third class. Arrived at 4:00 pm. Some fine town. Bathing and lots of pretty French girls. Best of all are the W.A.A.C.S. Clean shot on tower by French gunners. Last train left 4:30 pm. Our pass good to 9:00 pm only. Slept at rest camp #6 west.

Monday, Aug 5
Up at 6:00 am. Got train at 9:00 am. Some time. Arrived at school 12 noon. 14 hours away. Some time getting to class on maneuvers.

Tuesday, Aug 6
Regular class work. Got 2 letters from Mom, 1 from Mr. Barrett, magazines from Mrs. Doud and booklet from Mr. Jones. Mom Letter #5 - package request.

Wednesday, Aug 7
Tests all day.

Thursday, Aug 8
Tests all day.

Friday, Aug 9
Tests all day.

Saturday, Aug 10
Tests in morning - afternoon off.

Sunday, Aug 11
Playing cards most of the day.

Monday, Aug 12
Last day at school.

Tuesday, Aug 13
Left Volkerinckhove 8:00 am. 1st class train. Arrived at Oudezeele 12:00 am. Got letters from Mom, Annie, Marion, E. Webster, H. Carson, H. Smith, and D. Ennis. Paid 66F. Some wild night - 7 of us - 21 wine and 2 Champagne.

Wednesday, Aug 14
Left Oudezeele at 9:00 am. Lorrie to St. Lorentz. Attached to 107 Inf. Several casualties already. Platoon in line, have to wait until they come back. Corporal Wordeman killed about a week ago.

Thursday, Aug 15
Slept to 12:00 noon. Some soft. On telephone exchange all afternoon. Jerry sent over some 5.9 about 8:00 pm.

Signalman with EE-3 field phone and small switchboard
signal corps photo

Friday, Aug 16
Slept until 10:00. Went to Winnezeele for eggs and chips. Sgt. Jost and Bill Morton hit by shrapnel. Letter #6 to Mom, Marion #2, Annie #1.

Saturday, Aug 17
Writing letters.

Sunday, Aug 18
On switchboard 12 to 6 107 HQ.

Monday, Aug 19
Detail back from trenches all cootied up.

Tuesday, Aug 20
(very faded and hard to read) Went to Winnezeele for Postal. Had a very welcome bath.

Wednesday, Aug 21
(very faded and hard to read) On switchboard 107 HQ 8 to 12. Left St. Lorent at 3:00 pm. Going up on the line. On supply wagon. Passed through Waton. Stopped for supper at supply depot. Left 7:00 pm with ration limbers. Passed through Abeele and Popperinge to Dickeybush (sic) lake. Reached Bn HQ 11:30 pm. Jerry shelled it, landed close by. On visual lookout Ypres.

Bn. Headquarters at Dickebusch Lake
mhf collection

Thursday, Aug 22
(very faded and hard to read) No sleep - out on line trouble to forward company with Searles. Have to pass in full view of Jerry on Kemmel hill. Jerry got the company signal station at 5:00 am. First SOS of Division. Jerry got about 8 shells for 1.

Friday, Aug 23
Left 2:00 am. Jerry shelling us. Got some of platoon ahead of us. Under barrage. Passed through Wippenhoek, Buzijbum, Popperinge, - camped overnight outside Popperinge.

Saturday, Aug 24
Walked to rest camp outside Abeele.

Sunday, Aug 25
Resting. Got letter #1 from Mom. Bill died July 29 at 2:15 am. (Monday - letter #7 to Mom.)

Monday, Aug 26
On message center 4:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

Tuesday, Aug 27
Message center - shelling.

Wednesday, Aug 28
Off all day. Time changed on message center. Sent with message at night to Div. HQ.

Thursday, Aug 29
On message center 12:00 to 5:00 pm. Jerry always sending over some whiz bangs ( slang for the projectile of a German 77MM field gun. The velocity was greater than the speed of sound so the "whizz" of the approaching shell was heard before the "bang" of the gun, thus there was no warning.) mostly to Abeele. Also tries to get balloons.

Friday, Aug 30
Wire salvaging around Abeele. Message center. Jerry burning towns behind Kemmel and Hoozebroek - retreating.

Saturday, Aug 31
Received letter from Mr. Barrett. Busy day. Jerry retreating - evacuated Kemmel. Our advance patrols cannot locate Jerry rear guards, he has retreated so quickly. Afraid Kemmel is mined. 12:05 pm - notice for regiment to be ready to move at 30 min. notice.

Sunday, Sept 1
Left in afternoon for Trappistes Farm. Camped at detail camp near Mont des Katts.

Monday, Sept 2
Played ball all afternoon. Game with officers. Went to Div. HQ for mail. Letter from Mr. Barrett's Pub Hamilton. Division show great.

Tuesday, Sept 3
Left at 11:30 am. Hiked through Wattoo, Winnezeele, to Oudezeele - 12 miles. Camped overnight without pup tents. Pretty damp. 106th came out of trenches all shot to hell. About 1 1/2 companies left.

Wednesday, Sept 4
Hiked back where we came from through Winnezeele, Wattoo, to Proven - 16 miles. A sick laddie. Entrained at Proven, left at 8:30 pm. Back to old freight cars. Good old days of packed sardines came back.

Thursday, Sept 5
Passed through Etaples, to Doullens, To Candas. Arrived at Candas 3:00 pm and detrained. On loading detail. On guard 10 to 12. Jerry over. Slept in English elephant hut. Train load of Jerries. Souvenirs for cigs.

Friday, Sept 6
Loading supplies in Lorries. Rode on lorry to Beauquesne. Arrived at 7:30 pm. More of a residential town. Met Sam Youngson.

Saturday, Sept 7
Pup tents in an apple orchard. Apples galore.

Sunday, Sept 8
Raining all day. Reports of jerry still going back - gas mask inspection.

Monday, Sept 9
Still raining - everything damp - 40 new men - drafted - joined the company.

Tuesday, Sept 10
Paid 65 1/2 Francs. Capt. Mahoney gave his farewell speech before we left. He is going to be a Major in the 65th. Left friends. Beauqusne at 2:00 pm - walked 1 1/2 miles to Terramismle.

Wednesday, Sept 11
Still raining. Plenty of mud. Received 2 letters from Ed, 1 from Dan and letters #2 and 3 from Mom.

Thursday, Sept 12
Buzzer test - 12 words a minute. Wrote letters to Mr. Barrett, Rob Hamilton, Dan and Ed. Letter #8 to Mom. P.C. to kiddies. Mom got June allotment - $40. Confined to billet for day. Did not get up for reveille.

Friday, Sept 13
Buzzer and lamp practice.

Saturday, Sept 14
Inspection complete in morning - writing letters.

Sunday, Sept 15
Off all day. Received letter #4 from Mom and one from Matty Fischer. Playing baseball all afternoon.

Monday, Sept 16
Classwork for 8 hours per day. Inspections of pistols at retreat, unexpected, none prepared.

Tuesday, Sept 17
Class work.

Wednesday, Sept 18
Left at 1:00 pm to go on Div. maneuvers. Hiked through Beauquesne, past Candas, through Bonneville and Metrolet to fields 1 1/2 miles from Metrolet - 15 miles. Hiked 50 minutes and rest 10. Camped overnight.

Thursday, Sept 19
Up at 5:00 am. Maneuvers started at 9:00 am. Reg. HQ at Bonneville church. Chasing Capt. Brady with a lamp. He was on horseback. Got there an hour later. Maneuvered all way back to Terramesmil. Walked about 20 miles.

Friday, Sept 20
Class work. Received letter #5 from Mom and a letter from Rob. Inspected pistol.

Saturday, Sept 21
Writing letters waiting orders to move. Letters #9 and 10 to Mom, to Annie, M. Fischer, and Mrs. Erard.

Sunday, Sept 22
Walked three miles to Amplier for a bath. Plenty of cooties. Letter from Ed.

"Cootie Bath."
(official Signal Corps photo of the 27th Division. Coincidentally it is dated September 22)
mhf collection

Monday, Sept 23
On water detail waiting to move.

Tuesday, Sept 24
Hiked from Terramesmil 5 miles to RR near Candas. Entrained 3:30 pm. Passed through St. Roch, Amiens (shot to pieces) to Peronne.

Wednesday, Sept 25
Detrained near Peronne at 5:00 am - raining. Hiked to Allaines lost way. Walked about 10 miles. Jerry left in a hurry, plenty of supplies and ammunition. Not supposed to touch anything for fear of traps. 4 fellows of 30th Div with mules and limber blown up when they picked up a dud. Fellows having great time.

Thursday, Sept 26
Mess Sgt., cook and horseshoer of B co. Sig. Corps picked up a Jerry potato masher. M.S. hand blown off, cook no more good, H.S. severely injured. None expected to live S.I.W. Charlie Kahler hit by piece of shrapnel in ear. Kitchen guard.

Friday, Sept 27
6 months in over service. Left at 1:00 pm for trenches. Going to be biggest drive and barrage of the war. Hope it is the final one. Detailed to Reg. HQ, lamp and flag signalman. Walked about 14 miles.

MAR 22- MAY 31

SEPT 28 - NOV 11

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