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This diary transcript was contributed to the website by the nephew of George A Morrice. George kept a complete and detailed diary from the day he enlisted til the day of his discharge. I'm sure you will agree that it makes fascinating reading.

EDITING NOTE: Many entries are in pencil and are faded and several were written on wet pages. For this reason some words are difficult to make out. Questionable words are underlined. Items in (italics) have been added to explain or clarify some entries.

Alexander Morrice
355 West St.
New York City, N.Y., U.S.A.

Enlisted March 27, 1918

Enlisted at Fort Slocum, N.Y. Friday April 5, at 9:00 am

Arrived at Training Camp at Camp Wadsworth,
Spartanburg, S.C. April 6, 1918 at 11: pm

Left Training Camp for Camp Hill, Newport News, Va on May 10, 1918 at 3:00 pm

Started for France May 17, 1918

Arrived in France May 30, 1918

Enlisted in Company C, 3rd Platoon, 1st Battalion,
102nd Field Signal Corp, New York National Guard, 27th Division

In case of accident, notify Mother, Mrs. Annie Morrice
355 West St.
New York City, N.Y., U.S.A.

(This page is followed by 8 pages of French/English vocabulary, 3 pages of semaphore and dot/dash code, the 12 general orders for sentries, and 5 pages of military insignia.)

Autographs of Comrades

Walter J. Mahoney
Chas Patrick Kahler
Earl W. Chapman
George C. Whitney
Ralph E. Bridges (Joe)
Gerald T. Condon
Harry G. Smith
C. F. Dooling
C. R. DeNyse
Robt. H. Kennedy
Gregory A. Purcell
Frederick Passet
John H. Miller
Conrad Breiby
Elmer J. Hilsing
Wainwright Swain
Frank ? Horan
Henry G. Johnson
Howard J. Anderson

Account of Battles Engaged In

Mount Kemmel on left of Dickeybush Lake from August 2 to 24. 107 Regiment holding line. Somewhat heavy casualties.

On Cambrai - St. Quenten front in front of St Emrilie and Ronssoy from Sept. 27 to Oct. 2 - 107th drive through Hindenburg line to Le Catelet. One hell of a time. Estimate 500 killed. Casualtie about 1500. Made all objectives.

Oct. 7 to 11 in reserve for 30th Division, following up as they advance. Credit for trick in trenches.

Superior Officers

Cpt. Everett ( Commander, "C" Company, 102nd F.S. Bn)
Cpt. Motley ( Commander, "C" Company, 102nd F.S. Bn.)
Cpt. Torman
2nd Lt. Heath (Staff, "C' Company)
Gen. O'Ryan
Lt. Giblin
Cpt. Schenk
Cpt. Maloney (Commander, "C" Company)
Col. Vanderbilt (Commander of 22nd NY Engineers and chief engineering officer at Camp Wadsworth)
Maj. Howe (C.O. Hq & Supply Detachments, 102nd F.S. Bn).
Maj. Hallahan (promoted Lt Col., Chief Signal Officer, 27th Division)
Lt. Tear
Lt. Albertson (Staff, "C" Company)
Sgt. Woods
Sgt. Sherman (Sgt. 1st Class, "C" Company)
Sgt. Lupold (Master Signal Electrician, "C" Company)
Sgt. Jost (Sgt 1st Class, "C" Company, K.I.A.)
Sgt. Carey (Master Signal Electrician, "C" Company, K.I.A.)
Sgt. Purcell ("C" Company)
Lt. Davern (Staff, "A" Company)
Lt. Gorman (promoted Capt, Commander, "C" Company)
Col. Debenbois (DeBevoise, 107th Commander, later promoted to Brigadier General, 53rd Inf. Brigade)
Lt. Freeman
Lt. Lochyear

French and British coins
2 Pages of metric system


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