107THNEWLOGO by Matthew A. Maringola
Graphic Artist

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Attack on the Anthill
Attack on the Anthill

Night in the trench
Night in the trenches

Pvt. Barry Gillespie
Pvt. Barry Gillespie

First Sgt. Feldbin on the EE-3 field phone
EE-3 Field Phone

AEF troops attack across No-Man's-Land

In trench after a successful defense
Trench scene

View inside our small bunker
107th's small bunker

Allied Hq
Allied Hq.

Communications bunker at Allied Hq
Communications Bunker

Cpl. Tolf savoring one of his pickled eggs
A relaxing moment

Banjo Pete
Cpl. "Banjo" Pete Leonard

The Goose
The "Goose"

Goose hunting up chow for the boys
Chow Call!!

Cpl Tolf, Pvt Munford & Sgt Feldbin
Cpl Tolf, Pvt Munford & Sgt Feldbin

Over the top
Over the Top

Manning the fire step
Manning the fire step

Cpl Baldwin maintaining his weapon.jpg
Cleaning weapons


The business end of our Vickers
Front of MG bunker

View thru the firing port of the MG bunker
View from bunker

Monkey meat again
"Corned Willie" for lunch

Cpl Tolf, gunner
Cpl. Tolf, gunner

Empire Hotel, mg bunker
mg bunker

Pvts Aaron & Chris Reardon man the fire step
Pvts Reardon & Reardon

Aaron Reardon standing watch
Pvt A. Reardon standing sentry

 Royal Irish Rifles man their 60mm Stokes Mortar
60mm Stokes mortar

Pvt Munford on watch
Pvt. Mike Munford

Coffin Corner, section of Doleful Post covered by 2 Vickers Guns; ours and the Royal Irish Rifles
Coffin Corner

fresh bags at the Doleful Post of the 107th.
Overview, Doleful Post

107th preparing for an attack

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