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Enfield Glen (NY)

Enfield Glen (NY)

2001 Jon Binder


Ratings (ratings explained)
Power: 6/10
Beauty: 7/10
Ease of Access: 6 - 10/10

Robert H. Treman State Park, south of Ithaca, contains about a dozen waterfalls in Enfield Glen, including 115-foot high Lucifer Falls.


Small falls and cascades in upper Enfield Glen
The top part of Lucifer Falls
The bottom part of Lucifer Falls


From Ithaca, take NYS route 13 south about 5 miles to the junction with NYS route 327 on the right. At this point you will see a sign for the Park. Turn right onto 327, and then immediately turn left into the park. After stopping to pay the admission fee in season, continue a quarter of a mile down the park road to the parking area.

To reach the upper parking area, continue about 2 and a half miles on 327. The upper entrance will be on the left. Follow the park road to the upper parking area.


The Gorge Trail leads 2 and a quarter miles through Enfield Glen, passing all 12 waterfalls along the way. The trail connects the two parking areas, with a 600 foot elevation change between them. Indeed, some parts of the trail are steep. Perhaps having two cars, and starting at the top, is a good way to enjoy this park if time or physical abilities are limited.

Starting from the main parking area at the bottom of the glen, check out the Lower Falls (not pictured) before starting the climb on the Gorge Trail. Walk down the paved pathway at the western end of the parking lot to the falls. In the summer, the large pool below the falls is dammed up and made even bigger. This becomes a very popular swimming area, with the concession stand and changing rooms evidence of this. Despite this, the Lower Falls, 30 feet high, is quite beautiful, especially in such a wonderful setting. Its ease of access makes this falls alone a worthwhile visit.

Walking back to the parking area, begin your climb on the Gorge Trail. The trail continues along the stream for 2 miles, mostly climbing, with several flat sections and even some descents mixed in. Along the way, there are many beautiful cascades and small falls, and the gorge itself is also spectacular. It is a wonderful walk.

At the two mile mark, cross the bridge to your left to view the bottom of Lucifer Falls. Pictured at the top of this page, this falls, 115 feet high, is the highest falls in the park, and quite impressive. After viewing the falls from the bottom, go back over the bridge, and continue your climbing along the falls, finally reaching the top of Lucifer Falls.

More climbing brings you to yet another beautiful 30 foot falls. Now you are in a more narrow and dramatic gorge, with several beautiful small falls. This series of cascades signals the end of the journey, and the upper parking area is soon reached, after a climb of 600 feet over 2 and a quarter miles. From here, you can go back the way you came, on one of the several other trails, or, you might have arranged a car at the upper entrance.

Overall, Enfield Glen in Treman State Park is a wonderful place for a beautiful hike and swim.

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