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Austin Falls (NY)

1999 Jon Binder


Ratings (Ratings Explained)
Power: 4/10
Beauty: 6/10
Ease of Access: 9/10

Austin Falls is a long, sliding waterfall, surrounded by interesting rock formations. It does not require a hike to reach.


Austin Falls with low-moderate water


Austin Falls is right next to Old NY 30 (also known as Old NY 8). Turn East off of NY 8/30, 5.9 miles north of the NY 8 and NY 30 intersection north of Wells. The road crosses over the West Branch of the Sacandaga River, and runs along the east side of it. The road is quite rough in spots, so drive slowly and carefully. Austin Falls is 2.6 miles south on Old NY 30. Make sure you drive the exact mileage, as the falls are not visible from the road and there is no sign marking that the falls are here. There is a rough pull over parking space at the falls. International Paper Co. has a public picnic area beside the Sacandaga 0.3 miles from the rough pull over parking spot, and it may be easier to park your car here. The falls are just a few feet off the road. If you park at the picnic area, walk upstream along the river to the falls.


Austin Falls is a very interesting area. The photographer and geologist will find this to be a great area. Upstream from the falls, the rock along the river is very unusual. There are potholes and smoothly sculpted pink rock which appear to be still waves or small sand sunes. The rocks around the whole area definitely deserve exploration. The falls is really a long, gentle slide accented with small falls and deep chutes. Swimming is possible in some areas, but be careful. In spring, and other times of high water, the force can be incredible here.

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