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Van Wyck Expwy south from Union Tpke
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Van Wyck Expwy south from Union Tpke
Southbound original Van Wyck, just emerging from it's genesis at the Kew Gardens interchange and the Grand Central Pkwy and coming out from under the eastbound Union Tpke overpass, seen in the view below. The ramp on the right is bringing in the goods from the Van Wyck Extension. the 82nd Avenue Walkbridge, in all it's stark ugliness, connects the Briarwood neighborhood with, you guessed it! The Queens House of Detention, the star edifice of my Van Wyck section.
union turnpike overpass
Looking northeast at the Union Tpke eastbound overpass over the Van Wyck, from where the top shot was taken. It's in lovely shape. Believe me, the brown spots are not camouflage, enabling it to fit into it's bucolic surroundings better. It is rust, Williamsburg Bridge type rust. The girder in the foreground, which carries the southbound VW Extension traffic into the original Van Wyck, ain't looking too hot either. As for the foliage, that was not intended either. This area is overgrown with weeds and other unplanned wildlife. Shot in Spring 1998.

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