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Van Wyck Expwy over Union Tpke
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

looking south from union tpke westlooking north from union tpke west

north from union tpke east
Three views of the underside of the towering Van Wyck extension leaping over the Kew Gardens interchange to connect the original Van Wyck in the south, to the Flushing Meadows section of the Van Wyck leading north to the Long Island and Whitestone Expressways.
The top left view looks south and the top right looks north, both from the westbound Union Tpke. the bottom view looks north from the eastbound Union Tpke. The two Union Tpkes have the Grand Central and Jackie Robinson Parkways between them, as well as the former terminus of the original Van Wyck, which flows unseen below the eastbound tpke in the bottom view, on it's way into the Grand Central. The Van Wyck is not the only expressway to be elevated above itself. The western end of the LIE also has a dueling stretch of rival LIE's, in Maspeth between the BQE and Maurice Avenue.
The Queens House of Detention can be glimpsed in the top left view. The corrugation under the roadbed of the elevated section is from recent reconstruction, which replaced the concrete underside, which was prone to breaking apart and falling on people and cars. The north and southbound lanes of the elevated extension, travel on separate spans.
Shot in the Spring 1998.

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