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Van Wyck Expwy South at Rockaway Boulevard - 1999
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

towards rockaway
The view south around Rockaway Blvd. Top view looks towards the Rockaway overpass from Foch Blvd. The Hilton Hotel serving JFK traffic is in the background. Traffic will soon split depending on destination after Rockaway.
from rockaway
The view south from Rockaway spies up close on two of the four remaining quarterloop masted original lampposts that were assigned to the VW. The 133rd Avenue overpass looms off in the far distance beyond the curve to the right. Well before that point, southbounders must choose between the through lanes into the airport or the eastbound Belt, or the exit for the westbound Belt on the right. Shot 11/6/99.
UPDATE 6/2001: These center median poles are all gone; victims of the relentless Airtrain construction. See 2001 pages for up to date photos.

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