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Van Wyck Expwy North to Rockaway Blvd. at Night
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Three night views of the first leg up the VW north from the Belt towards Rockaway Blvd. The first shot above at the 133rd Avenue overpass, the second at the halfpoint between that and Rockaway Blvd below.

Below, in the third shot the first of the four remaining whitestone poles with the quarterloop masts is approached. The first is in full working order but the second one is dark. Whether any of them will survive the imminent arrival of the Skytoilettraining...I mean Skytrain is doubtful. Shot 10/99.
UPDATE 6/2001: These center median poles are all gone; victims of the relentless Airtrain construction. See 2001 pages for up to date photos.

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