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Van Wyck Expwy north at Roosevelt Ave.
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

lirr The Van Wyck crosses five rail systems. Two of them are here. The Roosevelt Avenue elevated line, carrying the IRT division's 7 train into downtown Flushing, passes overhead in the top view and the Long Island Railroad's Port Washington line passes beneath us about a block south of Roosevelt. The scene to the left is facing east. Below, a closeup of the Roosevelt Avenue el crossing. Exit 13 for Northern and Astoria Blvds soon follows.

The other three track systems are in Jamaica. Two subway lines pass beneath it, at Queens Blvd and Archer Avenue and just south of Archer, the expansive main branch of the LIRR passes overhead, just west of it's massive Jamaica station. The subway station on the Queens Blvd line is still named for the expressway's predecessor, Van Wyck Blvd.

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