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Van Wyck Expwy at Queens Blvd Exit Ramp
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

north 1
The northbound exit for Queens Blvd follows hard on the heels of the boulevard overpass. The Queens Borough Hall complex including the house of detention are a block past to the left, behind the ramp's own overpass. If the Main Street ramp had its unusual characteristics, so does this exit. It is the only VW exit to cross over the VW.

woodie mastThe second shot is from the northside facing south. In the grass, or should I say rotting leaves just to the right I discovered a rotting artifact; the mastarm from an old woodie lamppost that had probably originated at nearby Union Tpke. How or when it got over here is beyond me.

towards hoover
Past the Queens Blvd exit going north, we approach Hoover Avenue, followed by another walkbridge, perhaps the ugliest walkbridge in the city, which was put through as a convenience for escapees from the house of detention. The Van Wyck is feeling very sexy here on the early November afternoon in 1999 when this was taken and it is giving us good tree. immediately after the walkbridge, the VW splits, with the left lanes flowing into the westbound Grand Central.

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