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Van Wyck Expwy at Queens Blvd.
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

The top shot faces south from the weird U-turn lanes connecting the north and southbound VW service roads, both of which face their northern terminal points here. Maybe they figured some northbounders would enjoy the service road so much, they wouldn't want to leave so they get a chance to start the whole service road journey again, southbound. If they were to do that all the way to the Belt, they wouldn't find another such convenient turnabout awaiting them.
north 1
The second and third views face the Queens Blvd overpass from the south. You can see the span curving to allow for the U-turn lane, which is illuminated by SLECO "Bigloops" that are turning their backs on the main boulevard lanes. Queens Borough Hall, its main courts and house of detention are all within a couple of blocks west of here.
north 2
Queens Blvd is far and away the largest overpass crossing the VW. It more closely resembles the kind of heavy affair used for carrying railroads. Queens Blvd, despite being divided at this point by only a single median strip, instead of the three it possesses for much of its run, is still a fairly wide road here and it crosses the VW at a sharp angle. I should amend that median information somewhat since this overpass was equipped with an unusual arrangement of U-turn lanes flanking the main Queens Blv roadbed, in essence giving it three median strips at the point of impact here. Shot 11/6/1999.

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