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Van Wyck Expwy North towards Linden Blvd.
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

foch blvd
We're approaching the Foch Blvd. overpass, heading for the Linden Blvd. exit. Foch Blvd. was named for the French Commander in Chief of the Allied forces in World War I, possibly the only non American other than maybe the British Marshal Montgomery and some recent UN officers to ever command American forces to my knowledge. For all his trouble he gets a sidestreet masquerading as a boulevard named for him. They probably used the term "boulevard" specifically for him. Foch Avenue would just never do. I'll bet Montgomery wouldn't have demanded a Boulevard. Do they even have boulevards in Britain? Everything there is a Lane or Court or something British like that. I took my first three road tests over here and failed them all. I finally passed my fourth in Maspeth. When I was very little, I used to think Foch was the F-curse. Such are the things memories are made from.
The nearest pole in the center median holds little triangle directionals pointing to the Triboro (white) and Whitestone (blue) bridges.

Just before the Linden exit we see alot of activity related to the coming Spytrain...I mean of course Skytrain. Some daring sprinter managed to vandalize the speed limit sign in the center median. What some jerks won't do on a dare! You don't always realize the swift and sharp change in the grade of the road surface while you are on it, until you see it in a photo, but this stretch is looking quite hilly here. Remember the days when the only construction equipment you ever saw were Catapillers? Now the imported Komatsus have a big presense. The graffiti on one of the pieces of construction equipment perhaps expresses neighborhood sentiment towards the coming airport staleway...I mean railway.
Placido Domingo Restaurant, the poor company that financed the beautification of this stretch, earning them the blue and white sign on the right, never bargained for the construction about to begin that will likely lay the entire VW corridor waste, as work ensues on the Skyinsane...I mean the Skypain...I mean the Stytrain...I mean the Skytrain. The overpass ahead belongs to Linden Blvd, which is a true boulevard in the sense that the French mean such roads to be, but not at this point. The true boulevard style section of Linden is a few miles to the west, beginning at the Brooklyn-Queens border coming off Conduit. Top and bottom views shot 10/29/1999. The center view shot 11/6/1999.

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