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Van Wyck Expwy north of the LIE
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Van Wyck Expwy north of the LIE
This is the point where we hopped aboard the northern end of the VW, off of College Point Blvd and Booth Memorial Avenue. Flushing Meadow Park is to the left and downtown Flushing is just beginning to the right.

A fuller (no pun intended) view of downtown Flushing, via Fuller Street, as seen from the VW. The Home Depot whos sign is seen in the top shot, is hard by the highway, with it's unmistakable tan and orange facade. Other housewares vendors occupy the right side across from it. Quite contrary to the belief held by opponents of superstores like Home Depot, smaller businesses are not always hurt, but actually benefit from their presense. This is now the area to go to for those types of goods. Played right by other niche stores, everybody will get a share in the increased traffic. When I moved to Queens in '96, I spent alot of midnight hours in this store. It does get kind of addictive. Western Beef operates decent priced supermarkets in alot of working class and poorer neighborhoods. They are characterized typically by their large walk-in refrigerator rooms. Take a jacket along when you shop here in the summer. They are usually well stocked with all kinds of ethnic goodies, keeping true to their slogan, "We know the neighborhood".

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