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Van Wyck Expwy at Hillside Ave.
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Heading north from Jamaica Avenue, we approach the next big avenue, Hillside.
Coming up on Hillside upon a rather steep grade, the overpass appears much taller from the south than it would be from the north. Hillside is noted for an abundance of used car lots. The main Queens subway route, which had tunnelled beneath Queens Blvd ever since Elmhurst, turned to run a few blocks beneath the VW until it turns east again for its final run under Hillside. A newer extension opened in the 1980's continues under the expressway until Archer Avenue. The next stop for VWers northbound is Main St./Union Tpke, although most people looking for the eastbound Grand Central would probably alight there as well.
Following Hillside, the next crossing ahead is the walkbridge at 86th Avenue. A bevy of typical 1950's era red brick 6 story Queens apartment houses are lined up to the right. Shot 11/6/1999.

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