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Van Wyck Expwy at Hoover Avenue
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Van Wyck Expwy north from Hoover Avenue
The expressway becomes an exit of itself. The original 1950's Van Wyck continued straight ahead, eventually into the Grand Central Pkwy heading for the Triboro Bridge. The early 60's Van Wyck extension breaks off from the original route, exit style, on the right. The original expressway route was thus rendered, officially, an exit. Those who have no intention of getting on the Grand Central, are not always prepared to avoid it. Likewise, those who expect to exit right, as at most normal exits, to get on the GCP, suddenly find themselves headed for the VW extension.
After all, not every driver among the millions traversing this highway, up from JFK Airport, or from points south via Staten Island and the Belt, know the history of this section. Not everyone is an expressway nut like yours truly.
Still, by the time they reach this point, most drivers will be in whatever lane they need to be. In the top view, at least one moron wasn't and made a dangerous last gasp move to the left, across 2 lanes and a safety barrier, to head for the GCP, as witnessed by the streaking taillights swerving from the far right lane. This was shot 5/98.

The same scene viewed in daylight, without the pesky interference of the cyclone fence links.

Third shot faces south from Hoover, the next crossing there being the ramp leading to Queens Blvd from the northbound lanes. Fall foliage is in full glory as the two day shots here were snapped on 11/6/99. Who says the VW don't do trees right?

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