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Van Wyck Expwy north at Exit 13
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

The exit for Northern and Astoria Blvds comes up, after which the Van Wyck S-curves its way into oblivion and hands the I-678 baton to the Whitestone. When this was built, South Korea was still somewhat of a basket case. You'd have been thought deranged back then, if you had suggested that cars made there, such as the Hyundai Excel ahead of us, would someday travel upon this highway.

Among those abandoning the VW for one of the lesser boulevards is a classic 1980's era Olds Cutlass. How Olds managed to take a franchise brand, with the super cool hipness of the Cutlass, and demolish it to the point where it has spent an entire decade trying to stave off euthanasia by GM, is beyond me.
If you ask me, Olds needs to utterly "damn the torpedoes", go full steam ahead, get rid of it's Auroras, Intrigues, Aleros and Lord knows what elsoes, and bring back the 4-4-2. They should proudly proclaim, "This IS your father's Oldsmobile!"
Having just dispensed with the boulevardiers at exit 13, we are into the S-curve delivering us unto the Whitestone. Some might consider the conversion official as soon as the first mention of Linden Place is passed. Shot 2/99.

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