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Van Wyck Expwy Northbound from Nassau
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Van Wyck Expwy Northbound from Nassau
We've just gotten on the northbound VW from the one-way Nassau Expwy. We are merging with traffic emerging from JFK International Airport, thousands of whom are entering New York Cityland for the first time in their lives, not a few of whom are important VIP types and business bigwigs. And what will all of us disparate new Van Wycksters from near, far and farther have in common? We are all about to have our bodies and conveyances jolted!
at bump
The wise, knowing and quick on the pedal veterans will have veered by now, as we pass beneath the Nassau underpass, into either the left or next to left lane. The unknowing, innocent Van Wyck virgins will be quite sorry in a split second if they are on the right. see that dark line stretching across the asphalt? It is probably the worst of the very worst eruptions that plague various NYC roadbeds. It is the foul tempered Van Wyck's extended middle finger to all visitors to our lovely city. It's bad enough in the left lanes, but the worst temblors will rock the richter scales in your shocks from the right lanes. When traffic coming out of JFK is particularly heavy, it is not always possible for Nassau expatriates to shift over to the left in time. It's incredible that such a situation can exist for so long in such an image-sensitive spot, but I guess in our xenophobic age, we want to discourage outsiders from coming here as much as possible. To all foreigners reading this that understand English who are planning a trip here soon, remember this and make sure your cab driver stays on the left, unless you have to take the Belt, in which case make sure you don't eat on the plane!

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