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Van Wyck Expwy Southbound at Atlantic Avenue - June 2001
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

from below
from above
In 1999, this scene didn't exist. The Airtrain wends its way southward over the Van Wyck median, having just left the corridor between the LIRR and 94th Avenue, where it will eventually depart from its Jamaica Terminal.

east 1
east 2
Like the view south, that to the east has also transformed dramatically. 94th Avenue starts in the background.
The LIRR Jamaica train yards on the Van Wyck's northbound service road will soon be sandwiched between the main line tracks and the Airtrain.
The view north, however, has barely budged an iota. 1970 vintage railroad cars share the spotlight with their late 1990s era double decker cousins. Shot June 2001.

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