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Van Wyck Expwy Northbound at Atlantic Ave.
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

The top shot is approaching the Atlantic Avenue overpass. A LIRR train is up on the overhead tracks a block past Atlantic. A little sign on the first center median pole warns drivers to maintain their speeds on the coming upgrade.

Up on the overpass we get a good look at the upcoming Bond movie, The World is not Enough. Behind the billboard is the Jamaica yards of the LIRR, which has its biggest station outside Manhattan a few blocks down.

This is easily the most fascinating section of the Van Wyck, with the cacophony of helter skelter railroad crossings all converging on Jamaica Station. If they aren't enough, they will likely be joined by the Skycomplaint...I mean Skytrain from JFK.

The shiny train just passing by above is a relatively new addition to the LIRR's rolling stock; double decker cars. The skeletal thingy that the train is passing beneath holds railroad signal. The red, white and blue tractor-trailer on the right carries White Rose brand foods, the dominant local branded canned food usually carried by smaller supermarket chains like Met Food, Pioneer, C-Town and zillions of corner bodegas and mom 'n pop shops.
A closer view of the rush hour activity beneath the tracks on 10/29/1999.

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