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Van Wyck Expwy South to 109th Avenue - June 2001
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Leaving Liberty on a hazy June 2001 morning, heading south for 109th Avenue and the northward heading Airtrain trackbed. In the process we pass by 105th and 107th Avenues. It is not unusual, and in fact is quite the norm, for many lesser numbered avenues and streets, such as 100th, 103rd, 104th and 108th Avenues, to drop out of the mix as Queens stretches ever eastward, until you're left wondering if you've missed something along the way.

Watching the Airtrain progress must be fascinating for neighborhood kids, but has been an unrelenting nightmare for their parents. The worst, at least, is over for homeowners around 109th, as the heaviest, most nervewracking work has already been done.

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