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Van Wyck Expwy north from 82nd Avenue
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Two northbound views of the VW, heading both under Union Tpke into the Grand Central and onto the ramps heading for the Van Wyck extension. The top view shows the southbound extension ramp twisting it's way down to the VW coming in from the GCP. Judging from the headlights, all southbounders are in for a rough trip. The SLECO Bigloop poles own this little stretch of center median territory.
From a different angle, we see the northbound ramp leading to the Van Wyck extension, with very little traffic. It was almost dark out already, but I purposely overexposed everything, to allow for some detail. It's amazing how a lens can turn night into day. A soft curve trussed uplift mast makes a rare appearance on a superhighway. They can be found, few in number, on the Clearview and Grand Central, where they were probably pre-Bigloop replacements. They also graced the Gowanus Creek Bridge on the BQE, but are disappearing there in ongoing reconstruction. They remain a popular presence on wider secondary streets. Shot in Spring 1998.

© 1998, Jeff Saltzman. All rights reserved.