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Van Wyck Expwy from 73rd Ave Walkbridge
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

view north
Two views of the Van Wyck Extension, in Flushing. The top view faces north, the bottom view south. Flushing Meadow Park and the MTA's Jamaica maitainance yard for the subway, are to the left. A playground and the garden apartment laden Kew Garden Hills neighborhood are to the right. It appears that nobody is interested in getting to either the Long Island Expwy, or the Bronx, but many people wish to get to Kennedy Airport, or perhaps, like lemmings intent on mass suicide, to the Robinson (Interboro) Parkway.

view south
 Of course they could all be headed for the Belt Parkway, or Jamaica Avenue, or they might all be going in the wrong direction, and will soon cross over en mass, at the nearest interchange. The single Bigloop in the center divider is missing it's brace. The Queens house of Detention (nobody calls it jail anymore) can be glimpsed in the upper right corner. This section of highway was punched through the transit yards and the park, in the early 60's, to pave the way, literally to both the 64-65 World's Fair and Shea Stadium.
Shot in the spring 1998.

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