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Van Wyck Expwy south from 72nd Avenue
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

Van Wyck Expwy south from 72nd Avenue
Looking south, to the bumpy looking walkbridge connecting Park drive East with a desolate section of Flushing Meadow Park. This bridge was once knocked down by a dump truck. I believe that accounts for the slight humping of the span over the northbound lanes, to give trucks a little more clearance.
The safety fencing completely encloses pedestrians on the bridge, so if you're on it when it gets knocked down again, you theoretically can't fall out. Thank heavens the fencing hasn't attracted roosting pigeons, or other birds. That would be some gauntlet to run.
And what reward awaits the people brave enough to cross this bridge? The best justice I can do to this part of the park is that it looks like a dirtbike racing trail. It also would appear to be a mugger's and rapist's paradise hiding spot, hence the comforting presense in the background of the Queens House of Detention, along with other assorted highrises.
The walkbridge is roughly equivalent to 73rd Avenue, a negligible presence down here, but an important east-west thoroughfare further to the east, in Fresh Meadows.
This is the northbound Jewel Ave exit. Shot in Spring 1998.

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