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Van Wyck Expwy North towards Liberty Ave
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

109th ave
We're approaching the 109th Avenue overpass in the netherworld between Richmond Hill to the left and South Ozone Park to the right. Concrete barriers on the right are in place in preparation for the commencement of the building of the Skypain, pardon me but I'm sure I meant Skytrain. It is the boondoggle light rail system being perpetrated on these communities to supposedly facilitate easy access to and from the airport and Jamaica station for all the snooty-noses who HEAVENS FORBID would otherwise have to mix with the mostly minority hoi polloi of these hard working, vibrant and often victimized neighborhoods.
I'm normally of a right wing conservative political bent and have on occasions a hard time sympathizing with the complaints heard in many minority communities, but these people are getting the shaft bigtime here and I call'em as I see'em. This corridor has needed ever since the VW was first planned, and needs right now, a normal MTA subway line connecting with the main Queens Blvd, Jamaica Avenue and Liberty Avenue lines, not to mention a direct subway line in and out of JFK. It does not need this foolish, unmatriculated, airport traffic only Skybrainless. To add alot of insult and injury, this neighborhood is going to be swathed in the dust, debris and detritus associated with any messy construction project, not to mention the nerve wracking traffic nightmares as detours around closed VW lanes clog their streets. Do you know how many playgrounds line the VW service roads around here? Get off it one day and look around.
exit 4
For those not afraid to mix, get off at this exit and turn left onto Liberty. A great Guyanese takeout shop, Sybils, is a couple of blocks down at 133rd St. Um um! I am in the mood now for one of their homemade peanut butter milk drinks. I can't even name the dishes I brought home the Friday afternoon of 10/29/99 when this was shot, but it was damn good! The main course was Channa and the rest was a rice dish, pumpkin and something I know not the name of. For those who don't know (and I'm still not far from their level), Guyanese cuisine is, at least at Sybils, a mix of Indian and familiar Afro-Caribbean dishes, with things like Rotis, etc.
Also get off here if you're searching like crazy for Portuguese or Brazilian liquors, like Cachaca. You'll find that on 101st Ave, the next overpass after Liberty, about two blocks east of the VW.

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