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Van Wyck Expwy at 101st Avenue - May-June 2001
Photo Gallery: Van Wyck Expwy.

north south lanes
Two views above facing north on a hot Memorial Day 2001 weekend, the first overlooking the northbound side; the second southbound. The Airtrain has marked its territory, finally leaving the Van Wyck alone at Atlantic Avenue, where it swings eastward along 94th Avenue heading for its eventual Jamaica terminal, as yet unbuilt.
The corner shadows are thanks to the 101st Avenue overpass cyclone fencing.

101st Avenue presents quite a contrast looking east or west. East, the top shot, representing South Jamaica, seems alot more commercial and somewhat threadbare. West, representing Richmond Hill, appears a good deal leafier and residential, despite the gas station. Both neighborhoods have a high concentration of small industrial businesses between 101st and the railroad to the north, mostly gathered around Atlantic Avenue on the west and 94th Avenue on the east, although the east side of 101st has its share, interspersed with homes.
south towards 101st
The two shots surrounding this text face the Van Wyck down south as it steams towards 101st Avenue. The entrance ramp on the right, showing the ill effects of Airtrain related construction, serves motorists comnig from Atlantic and 94th Avenues. Is anyone going to take a van called Taco seriously as an emergency vehicle? Then again, who would take a Krasdale seriously as a major canned food pusher? Krasdale is the muscle behind a number of otherwise independent supermarket cooperative chains, who depend on the Big Kraz for their "store brand" cheapy alternatives, and have to answer to the Kraz when accused by local news reporters of operating unsanitary groceries, as happened on a wide scale this past month. We, of course, are just starting the summer of 2001 as I write. Krasdale's arch enemy White Rose got some ink on one of the 1999 vintage pages.
south 2

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