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The People's Party


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America needs a party for the people. A new party, not bound by ancient rhetoric or the powerful special interests groups that have gained influence in politics. A party focused on the needs of the American people, rather than partisanship, pork and political ambition.

Statesman have stopped serving the state and the people they represent. Instead they desicided to serve themselves by trying to advance their careers instead of help the people, by using the government has an oppurtunity to make "connections" and "network" so they could look forward to lucrative employment in the private sector, as well as using their current position in the government as stepping stones to higher office. Playing the Machiavellian games of politics rather than working for the people.

The argument could be made that politics has always been like this. The back biting, secret deals, the rhetoric and the indifference for the people have all been a part of politics since government began. That maybe true, but is that some how suppose to make these deceitful things alight? No, it doesn't, the government must be put back into the hands of the American people, taken away from the special interests, things must change!

The People's party is for the American people. The People's Party is determined to make the United States government serve its citizens.