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A medieval armour, clothing and jewellery solution for this ancient form of art design


Welcome to Steel Weavers Chain Mail Designs

Chainmail or Maille as is probably more accurate, has been around for centuries

Maille armor is still used toady by the SCA, renaissance and fantasy faires etc.

We create not only chainmail armor, but chainmail necklaces, chainmail bracelets, chainmail earrings, chainmail pendants

 chainmail tapestries, chainmail costumes, unique gothic jewelry, belly dance wear & punk chains

Each piece of chain mail is hand crafted using only quality stainless steel, semi-precious stones and beads

Steel Weavers are happy to custom manufacture as requested

Style & color of special charms are all catered for, please request quote & delivery


Please click on links below to view a few examples of items available

  Hand flowers  Armor  Necklaces, Bracelets & Belts 

Meet the Master Metalsmith of this creative art

Mt. Morris New York USA

Established 1998
Telephone: (585) 658-2303

Contact us here Email for all inquires

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Now Being Distributed Exclusively By

The Steel Source, Marto, Gladius, Hanwei, Museum Replicas, Ritter Steel, Kit Rae and Gil Hibbens sword and knife lines

I would like to thank every one that has helped me pull this off especially my son Rick