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Ultimate track and field: The World of Track and Field at your Fingetips
This site is dedicated to all those who run. Whether it be an occaisional hobby or a deep obsession, whether you are young or old, just starting out or with years of experience, whatever the circumstances, this site was made for you, a runner. It's packed with all the latest info on this amazing sport.

And let's not forget the jumpers, throwers, and vaulters, who put the "field," in track and field. You're just as important as the runners.

So welcome, enjoy, and are part of one of the most difficult and demanding sports around, but don't's also one of the funnest and most rewarding!

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Up, Up and Away!
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Punch It
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Flying Discs

Throw the Distance
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Knees Locked
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Speed of Light
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Mile Upon Mile
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Great Barrier Race
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