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Holistic Psychotherapy



 Are you depressed or anxious?

Feeling stuck?

Having trouble creating meaningful relationships?

Do you struggle with food, alcohol, or drugs?

Do you know your life can be more fulfilling but you just can't make the changes you desire?

Does TV or the internet drain your creative energy?




I can help. Drawing on the strengths you already possess and building new ones, we will work together in a safe and supportive environment to help you create deep and lasting change.  My gentle yet powerful approach enables you to shift stuck patterns, heal past wounds, integrate conflicts, improve relationships, and free your energy to create life you want.


Over twenty years experience. Culturally sensitive. LGBT friendly.




Alison Stone, LCSW, MFA, PhD

(212) 560-5690


Certified Gestalt therapist, successful poet and artist, Kripalu-certified Yoga Master Level instructor, Reiki Master, & certified hypnotherapist







New York City and Nyack locations        Insurance Reimbursable




Services offered:    


Individual therapy

Couples and marital therapy

Family therapy




Help with:




food/body image issues


ACOA issues

women’s issues


artists’ issues and blocks